Dr. Buhler Featured in Utah Newspaper

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dr. Craig Buhler, chiropractor and advocate of ProArgi-9 Plus, was recently featured in a prominent Utah newspaper. The article discusses his innovative healing practices and the incredible success he has had rehabilitating many athlete injuries. Dr. Buhler has worked with the NBA Utah Jazz and many college and Olympic athletes, and many have made amazing recoveries because of Dr. Buhler’s balancing and muscle targeting approach.

Read the article for yourself to understand the great impact of these preventative methods. It is an honor for Synergy to associate with Dr. Buhler.

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  1. please give me a call i want to sgn up with a team,brian holt my cell is 647 5858197,, up late im eastern time,in ontario canada,, i want to join your team my nephew is a chriopracter and his wife to ,please call, me i found a good site to day ,all other ,programs need help thye have hard time working together as a group etc,my name is don ,,,thankyou dr buhler i know a few ,dr,like you please help me sign them up,thankyou,

  2. We tried to reach you at the number you provided; however, the number is listed as an "invalid number". We'd love to help you get started, please email your contact information to marketing@synergyworldwide.com and we can work to get you in touch with Brian Holt and his team. Thank you.