Revitalizing & Strengthening the Synergy Brand

There is a new sense of energy and excitement at Synergy. Things are starting to look and feel a little different from the Synergy of the past. We are elevating the power of our brand by implementing updated logos, colors, and designs. We are excited to introduce you to everything our Marketing team has been working on to reimagine the Synergy brand. Let’s dive into the details of how we are relaunching our company for the future!

Find the right branding and positioning for Synergy to make us competitive and relevant moving forward.

Transform Synergy into a more powerful and more relevant brand.

•  Tested multiple positions for the brand
•  Conducted hundreds of surveys across 5 markets
•  Quantitative research

  • A HOLISTIC APPROACH – Active nutrition for mind, body, & spirit.
  • CONSUMER FOCUSED – Next-Gen: modern, easy, & connected. Authentic: Accessible to real people. Optimistic: Bring magic to ordinary situations.
  • DELIVER THE PROMISE – Help people unlock their potential.
  • THE RIGHT TONE & VOICE – Authentic, casual, straightforward, lifestyle, approachable, contemporary, playful, exclusive.

We will also be introducing new patterns and an expanded color palette to infuse the brand with energy and vibrancy. There will be many exciting applications. For example, the new icon functions alone or it can be extended to resemble a double helix of your DNA and the synergistic nature of our comprehensive product line.
Existing product packaging will be replaced with new designs according to market inventories and demand. While this will be a gradual process, taking many months or even years, every product will eventually transition to reflect the updated branding.

We surveyed over 1,100 prospective consumers across 5 global markets (70% female / 30% male). When compared with key competitors, these consumers preferred our new design 100% OF THE TIME.

They indicated that our new design communicates "BETTER PRODUCTS" and described it as: premium product, nutrition expertise, trustworthy, and high quality.

Consumers believe our new design is "BETTER FOR ME" because it is more unique, modern & fresh, friendly & approachable, energizing & empowering, and active oriented.

When asked, "Would you buy?", consumers overwhelmingly said YES! This result was as high as 80% in some markets.

Our new brand generated the #1 PURCHASE INTEREST, beating out some of our biggest competitor's brands. And, this was just from viewing the new imagery and packaging without actually trying the products!

Ultimately, this new branding will extend throughout the entire company. You will eventually see it globally in our offices, on signs, banners, apparel, other swag items, sales tools, business cards, advertising, social media, videos, and more. We have already begun this process as the Lehi headquarters have already been transformed with this new look! See photos below.

We hope you are as excited about this Synergy brand evolution as we are. You will begin to see this new look and feel more frequently in the coming months. However, the actual rollout will be a gradual process in the coming months and years. You can begin to imagine how Synergy is better equipped than ever to move forward into the future as a powerful and relevant brand. It all starts with Synergy, and it all starts with you!



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