Exciting April Promotion

Spring brings thoughts of fresh fruits, beautiful days, and more healthy living. Tap into spring fever by taking home some delicious, raspberry flavored SyneMax, and fill your body with healthy nutrition.

SyneMax is a liquid vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, and trace mineral supplement brimming with fulvic acids. Simply put, SyneMax is filled with nutritional power in a highly-bioavailable form.

Organic fulvic acids have the power to
• Greatly enhance the bioavailability of important trace minerals and vitamins,
• Modify the damage of toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals,
• Increase the activity of a multitude of enzymes,
• Re-charge the body’s individual cells and bio-systems, and
• Balance the body’s bioelectrical system.

Synergy’s SyneMax is a healthy mineral and vitamin-rich supplement that offers you the many benefits of fulvic acid in a delicious liquid drink. During the month of April, you can take advantage of SyneMax’s amazing benefits through a special offer: anyone on Autoship Elite (USA and Canada) can purchase two SyneMax for $25 with 16 CV.* That’s 55% off the regular price! Call Customer Service at 801-431-7660 to order yours today and take advantage of this great offer.

SU70474 SyneMax Autoshship Plus Promotion

*Above and beyond Autoship orders. Promotion available during April while supplies last.



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