Stewart's Executive Message

Team Members,

As a company, we have so many strengths that are resulting in momentous growth and that set us a part from any other company in the industry. Particularly, the quality and consistency of the people and products associated with Synergy have proven to be a huge factor in our success.

The individuals associated with Synergy are some of the brightest and best people in the industry. The quality and consistency of each member of the Synergy team is a unique characteristic of Synergy and is unmatched in our industry. We are a group that naturally reaches out, lifts, and supports each other, and I recognize and appreciate that characteristic. Next week is our Recognition Evening, and we are so excited for the chance to celebrate the success and achievements of our Synergy Team Members. Each award is more than an individual achievement—it is group success and we are all a part of it. Everyone who can should come to the event to stand in support of all Synergy Team Members and to truly make this a magnificent event. Each new and existing Team Member builds and strengthens the foundation of Synergy, and we are helping each other with an understanding that we are constructing this company together.

In addition to the strength that comes from our incredible Team Members, Synergy is strong because of our unique products. Our products provide results—nothing can compare. Our high level of quality assurance and product development puts us in a league of our own. Our flagship product, ProArgi-9 Plus, stands apart because of its powerful ingredients, medical backing, and numerous experiences attesting to its effectiveness.

ProArgi-9 Plus is manufactured at Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), a leading manufacturing company with over 37 years of experience. Their 250,000+ square-foot facility is state-of-the-art and features cutting-edge laboratory equipment and highly trained personal, which allows them to consistently manufacture products of the highest-quality. NSP meets or exceeds current government Good Manufacturing Practices and pharmaceutical quality standards. Nature’s Sunshine has had a powerful impact on the industry as demonstrated by several achievements and rewards they have received throughout their operation.

I could continue on about how great NSP is, but instead let me tell you what this means for you. All of Synergy’s products pass through rigorous tests during the production process that determine quality, potency, and purity. Take ProArgi-9 Plus for example. With each new batch, the raw materials that will be used to make the product are tested as soon as they arrive and before they are ever mixed into the formula. The ingredients are blended in exact proportions and order to ensure fidelity with the intended result. The final product is also tested to ensure it was completed properly. In all, ProArgi-9 Plus is checked and tested at least 10 separate times before it ever leaves the warehouse and ships to your door.

This lengthy and meticulous testing process demonstrates just how much scrutiny and care go into the quality assurance of each of our products. We control the entire process, from beginning to end, and that’s why people feel such profound results.

As our Team Members recognize Synergy’s strengths in our people and products and share them with others, Team Members are reaping the fringe benefit of success in their business. Two individuals have discovered recent success and now find themselves among Synergy’s leaders. They are making remarkable strides and positively affecting so many others along the way. Marty Holker is on fire and is rapidly building a worldwide team. He has only been with Synergy a few months but he takes advantage of each moment and is quickly climbing the ranks. Brian Holt truly understands how Synergy can change lives and he constantly shares its products and benefits with others. He is so involved—at almost every event you are bound to find many members of Brian’s growing team. Both these men have reached the rank of Team Director. Join me in congratulating them along with the other advancing Team Members!


Brian Holt
Zion Ventures LP


Seven Seals LP


Warner Maiava
No More Cardio Vascular Disease
Kaelynn Rae Smestad
Brian Kerbs
HR Group Central LLC
Kenneth A. Gomez
Dr. Mark A Snow


Dwayne & Sandy Schmidek
Kaimi Pelekai
Dr. Donald Woods
Ted & Michelle Wilson
Mary Lynn V. Beazer-Marsh
Frank Burksfield


The Meek Team Ryan Hofer
Harold Reber
Chris Osmond
Barbara Borchardt
Cyndy Williams
Accessories West LTD
Javan Kaiama
Candace K Watkins
Holly Cruz
Richard W Woods
Linda M Hewett
Wendy Mccormick
Linda Nelson
True Esthetics
Dave Gibb
Robert Hilke Jr
James Judkins
Nanci Toltschin Pascoe
Darwin & Carolyn Roush
100 K Team Inc
Elise Marsh
Dora J Jones
Como Investments
Pat Erdmann
Robert S Smith
Angelo S. And Arlene Cici
Joanne Croteau
Hyland Enterprises
Diana Lucas
Shellrich Management, LLC


Gail Larson
Blaine K Podaima
Rod Engar
Tara Anderson
Marilyn Schwitzer
Lajuana G Hand
Matthew C Price
Esther Hofer
Robert R Nicoll
Denise Abda
Shannon L. Ulrich
Mary Ann Keune
A-Nu-U Alternative Wellness USA LLC
Ann Peterson
Ray And Marilyn Christensen
Carol Zemp
Margaret Judkins
Neil W Ostler
Becky Boyd
Njj Global Enterprises
Cathy Cunningham
Susan J. Nichols
Ralph Carini
Gary R. Lawyer
Jodal Vannoy
Ronald Williams
Chi 4 Life
Karin Quarrie
Ila Ruckaber
Shawna Hofer
Darius Hofer
Deanna Bigler
Lesly A Cochrane
Jordan Mossman
Waianae Meat Market
Melissa Timario
David Vore
Jason K. Torres
Cheryl A Penrose
Eli Hofer
Leonard Hofer
Edward Entz

I wish you could sit in my place and see what I see. I wish you could truly grasp the magnitude of what we are doing. Synergy is a uniquely strong company that will not be matched, and we are growing at an unbelievable rate. I say that every month but every month it just gets better. Focus on Synergy’s strengths by supporting new Team Members and building leaders and by sharing our high-quality products and you will see similar growth in your own business. Show your support at the Synergy Recognition Evening on April 23. I’ll see you there!

All the best,

Stewart Rutter
Vice-President of Sales



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