Friday Fun Read- The Importance of Recognition

This is it! Today’s the day. Team Members have gathered from all over for the Open House and for a wonderful evening of recognition.

Recognition is an essential part of building a business. So, for today’s Friday Fun Read, here is an article on the importance of recognition:

Network Marketing Recognition – The Not So Obvious Gem in Duplication

Systems, template websites, scripts, proven to produce advertising and more; your arsenal of tools designed to create duplication on your team is mighty. Is recognition part of your efforts? It should be.

In all likelihood, your company does it with contests or perhaps a leader board in your back-office. Taking that concept to the more intimate level of your team can assist your associates in creating the duplication that will produce results you both desire. Plus, it feels really good too.

When I first ventured into the world of home-based business entrepreneurialism I realized that I missed this from my days as an employee. Sure, I was building a successful enterprise and that felt great but I got used to the daily appreciation and recognition of my leaders. Those special perks and a pat on the back in front of my peers for a job well done motivated me to push even more. My boss knew exactly what he was doing to get greater and greater results out of me. While you certainly are not a boss in the home business world, you are a leader and duplication builds leverage for you to achieve your goals and increase your income significantly.

Very often people will do more for recognition than they will for money. This is even more important in the beginning when they are weaning themselves of the praise they often received from a boss and discovering who they are in their new venture. Tap into this and you will capture two very powerful groups in your organization.

1. Those that want to see their name in lights will strive for your recognition. Acknowledging them will assist them in creating a core belief that they have what it takes to achieve great success. Further it will demonstrate to their newest associates that they are aligned with a leader that knows how to get them where they want to be. In this case, you motivate many levels in your organization.

2. The competitive ones. You know who they are, those that cannot stand to be outdone. They must win. They will get into action to be at the top of any category you recognize.

Regardless of your business, you can create categories for recognition; top sales volume, top profit, 1st sale, qualifying at various levels. The options are wide and varied and you know them best. The key here will be consistency. If you are sporadic in your recognition it will lose luster. Weekly postings at the same time will have your team eager to check their email or your website and keep them striving until the last minute with the opportunity for a fresh start toward the top of your leader board the following week.

If you are prepared to take this concept to the next level, create contests within your team. Monthly or quarterly goals with top producers receiving prizes will shine a special spotlight on the leaders among your associates. This does require a similar consistency. Consider your goals and whether or not your team needs a special push to get you there. If you believe a contest can help, toss out a 60 or 90 day contest. My advice here, make sure your prizes are accessible by everyone. In other words, do not offer a $500.00 dinner certificate to the best steakhouse in your city if you have associates all over the globe. Instead choose an online certificate or a two night get-away at a luxurious hotel chain that can be used nearly everywhere. Your team will appreciate the investment you are making in them and your financial results will follow. Did I mention this feels really great too?

Now, go recognize your current and future leaders. It is a win for both of you financially and personally.

Jennifer Johnson


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