Vietnam Annoucement

We are pleased to announce that Synergy has secured our MLM license in Vietnam. Obtaining this license is the last major obstacle to our opening this exciting market. With the license now in-hand, we will make final preparations to begin accepting applications and selling product.

Next week (a specific date to be announced soon) we will begin accepting team member applications and signing contracts. We will also accept stockist agreements for those people who meet the stockist criteria and who are interested in becoming stockists. We will select a handful of stockists to participate in the opening. During the next two weeks, we will work to get inventory sent to them, and ensure that we are ready for the launch the following week (a specific date to be announced soon).

For the next few days, we will distribute a How to Do Business document for Vietnam, team member applications, and other forms and information to help future team members to get ready for the opening.



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