Recognition Evening was a Success!

Picture it: a room completely packed with Synergy supporters from across the country and Canada, 80 energetic Hawaiians, Dr. Joe buried in leis, Team Members parading across the stage, a majestic eagle statue, hand-carved oars straight from the islands, an honoring video, and touching and inspiring words by leaders and executives. And let’s not forget the music, singing, and delectable food. All this and more made up the April 24, 2010 Recognition Evening.

The grand event was held in a finely decorated ballroom of the historic Provo Library at Academy Square. Team Members arrived elegantly dressed and dined on savory cuisine while a live band graced them with jazz. The program began with recognition for the great success and accomplishments of attending Team Members for Top Recruiter, Business Builder, Title Plus Promotion earnings, and Rank Advancements. Each recipient shined with a moment on stage and a chance to shake hands with the executives. The awards were interspersed with music and prizes of product, video camcorders, and cash.

Three significant awards and presentations rounded out the evening. Brian Holt and Marty Holker each were honored as new Team Directors. Brian’s upline, Steve and Roxanne Seely, Rudy Pedroza, and Paul Blad presented Brian with an impressive statue of an eagle and each spoke about the contribution Brian is making to the team and to Synergy as a whole. Marty Holker’s sponsor, Mark Comer, spoke about what a true pleasure it was to work with Marty and to find success with him. Marty’s team from Hawaii gave a heart felt thank you to Marty and all of Synergy for laying the foundation and opening the way for them to come to Synergy and to have their lives changed for the better. The group presented Marty, Mark, Dan Higginson, and Dr. Joe with priceless wooden oars carved by grateful Team Members. During and after the event, Team Members shared hugs around the room to thank each other for the role that they are playing in forging the global Synergy family.

In honor of our newest Pearl Executive, John Hewlett, friends, upline, downline, and Executives shared sentiments of respect and admiration for John’s accomplishments via a touching video. John’s wife, Karen, gave a moving tribute to her husband and John reminded attendees why we are in this business and out sharing the products everyday. The goal is to save a million lives and together they are changing lives every single day.

Dan Higginson finished off the evening with an inspiring message of strength and determination. Experiences build us and bond us, and our joined strength and experiences will make us the next billion dollar company. We are truly in momentum and he can’t wait to see what how high we get.

Thank you to each Team Member who joined us for a delightful evening.



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