Honoring Synergy

Our Synergy team continues to grow in exponential proportions. As we grow, we are becoming more than just a team. We are a family, working together in a common goal to better people’s lives, and along the way we are sharing challenges, and more importantly sharing joys. It is an honor to have you as part of our Synergy family and we hope that you consider it an honor to be a Synergy Team Member.

With that honor comes responsibility. You are connecting with people and helping change lives. You are the face of Synergy and each of you brings positive characteristics and strengths to the family that contribute to the success of the entire company. The reputation and success of this company rest on the shoulders of each of you, our dedicated Team Members. Together we are creating an honorable and distinguished company.

The beauty of network marketing is that each person benefits on an individual basis and as a result of the group—we are helping and building each other. Because of that, it is important to keep in mind that Synergy has policies in place that “govern the manner in which a Team Member does business with Synergy, other Team Members, and customers,” and that help us maintain a company of integrity. Specifically, I would like to highlight a few policies that relate to enrollment, product sales, and internet marketing. I invite you to review them and reflect on how you are following these policies and how they affect Synergy as a whole. These policies, and all other policies, are very important to us. At times we are required to take action if they are violated so that we can protect the good of all the Synergy Team Members.

Thank you for being a part of this great company and thank you for your continued efforts to honor your responsibility to the entire Synergy family.


Stewart Rutter
Vice President of Sales


3.1. Application: A person may become a Synergy Team Member by completing, obtaining all signatures, and returning a completed Membership Application, which includes the activation order for one (1) or three (3) Tracking Centers, all required attachment documentation, and the membership fee.

6.1. Customer Sales: Selling product to customers is the foundation to being a Synergy Team Member. Team Members have the ability to sell Synergy products they have purchased directly to their own customers. It is for the Team Member to determine if they will sell their products at wholesale price or at a retail markup. A Synergy Team Member may not sell products for less than the individual product wholesale price.

Example: You can sell one ProArgi9+ for the individual price of $69 per container. You can sell a three pack of ProArgi9+ for the three pack price of $162. You CANNOT however, purchase a bulk pack of ProArgi9+ and then sell them individually below the $69 individual purchase price.

11.1. Advertising: Synergy encourages Team Members to promote Synergy’s products and marketing opportunities pursuant to appropriate guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines can result in damage to the reputation of Synergy and its products and can trigger undesirable publicity and possible legal action.
When advertising Synergy products, a Team Member should take special care that they operate and clearly designate their business as independent from Synergy. Thus, Team Members should identify themselves in the following format: “John/Jane Doe, Synergy WorldWide Independent Distributor.” Team Members must use Synergy’s “Independent Distributor” logo anytime they are referring to their Synergy business. This logo may only be used with Synergy products and not with any competitor’s products or services.
When advertising Synergy products, Team Members may not make inappropriate claims about the products. An example of an inappropriate claim would be: “Synergy’s Germanium Plus will help cure cancer.” Instead, one may discuss the product as it relates to the system or organ of a person’s body. An example of a lawful statement would be: “Synergy’s Germanium Plus may nutritionally support or aid the immune system.”
11.15. Internet Use: We strongly encourage the use of our “MySynergy” replicated websites; however, Team Members may use the internet to promote the Synergy opportunity and products by creating a personal website.
The website may not use any Synergy name(s), trademarks, logo(s), or product name(s), or any name that otherwise does comply with these Policies and Procedures, in the URL address or domain name.
The website may not give to any users the impression or any reason to believe that they have reached the Synergy WorldWide Website. The website must state clearly and conspicuously that it is owned and operated by an independent distributor of Synergy and that Synergy is not liable for any statement, omission, or misrepresentation in the website.
Any time the words “Synergy WorldWide” or “Synergy” are used as a title on the Website, they must be preceded by the words “Independent Distributor” to read “Independent Distributor of Synergy WorldWide” or “Independent Distributor of Synergy.” All Team Members who want to use a Synergy logo must use Synergy’s Independent Distributor logo, not Synergy’s Corporate logo. A Team Member must use the Synergy Independent Distributor logo on every page of their website. This logo can be downloaded from Business Manager.



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