Gold Camp - May 22

Synergy’s inaugural Gold Camp is quickly approaching. The exclusive Synergy Gold Camp is a training opportunity designed specifically for Team Members at the Gold and Team Leader levels to take them to new heights.

Synergy’s first Gold Camp will premier May 22, 2010, in conjunction with our Open House. All Team Members who have advanced to Gold or Team Leader for the first time from November 2009 to May 2010 are invited to attend.

Gold Camp Agenda:

* 8 am: Breakfast (Provided by Synergy)
* 9 am–12 am: Business Building Skills

– Conducting Opportunity Meetings
– Conducting Trainings
– Moderating Conference Calls
– Product Training
– Recognition
– Communication

* 12 pm–2 pm: Lunch (Provided by Synergy)
* 2 pm–4 pm: Compensation Plan Training
* 4 pm–5 pm: Advisory Board Q&A

You will be responsible for personal travel and accommodations, and we will provide you with exclusive and highly valuable training to assist you as you build up a solid business. We will also treat you to breakfast and lunch during the event. We invite all new Gold and Team Leaders to join us for our first Gold Camp on May 22, 2010.



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