Thursday, May 24, 2018

Individual Fortify Products Now Available For Purchase

Team Members and customers throughout North America will now be able to order individual Fortify Kit products!

Fortify is an innovative and proven program that combines positive lifestyle changes with cutting-edge supplements to support a healthy gut microbiome. An independently reviewed clinical study found that Fortify reduced fat mass, cholesterol levels, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and triglycerides in study participants.

Metabolic Shake $45 25
Biome Balance $30 20
Biome Basics $22 15
Biome Actives (90 count) $39 25
Metabolic LDL $39 25
Omega-3 $23 15

While purchasing the kit as a whole is still a better savings, this is a great option for those who have fallen in love with a specific Fortify product or who use more of any one product than what is included in the kit. We are thrilled to be able to offer these additional ordering options.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Memorial Day, Customer Service Closure May 28

On Monday, May 28, Synergy Customer Service will be closed for Memorial Day in the U.S. Please plan accordingly to accommodate for this closure.

Team Members will still be able to access Pulse as usual. If you have any questions during this time, please contact your sponsor.

Normal Customer Service hours will resume on Tuesday, May 29.

Thank you for your patience.

Synergy WorldWide

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5 Signs You Need a System Reboot

Our bodies speak to us in many ways, and they are particularly good at letting us know when they are unhappy. It’s all too easy in today’s world to fall into unhealthy habits involving lack of exercise, lack of sleep, heightened stress levels, and of course, our diets. It’s true, no one is perfect, and on occasion we indulge in foods that are deemed unhealthy. We may even go weeks, months, or years at a time without setting foot into a gym.

The important thing is that we recognize when our bodies begin to feel neglected and make necessary changes to reset our vital systems, enhancing their overall function and improving the way we feel.

If you struggle with any of with these five symptoms, it may be an indication that it’s time to start cleaning up your act:

1. Weight Gain

Oftentimes, overweight bodies are unhappy because they are filled with harsh chemicals found in junk food. These chemicals not only prompt weight gain, they can actually make it difficult to lose weight. Eating an unhealthy diet of processed foods, sugars, and refined carbohydrates, can lead to bloating, indigestion, and increased cravings for these potentially harmful foods.

2. Brain Fog

“What was I just doing again? Oh, right.” If you have this thought multiple times a day in the middle of accomplishing tasks, there is a chance that your body doesn’t have the proper nutrition and energy levels to maintain focus.

3. Body Odor

While this isn’t a pleasant topic to address, it’s certainly hard to ignore. If you are experiencing bad breath, frequent gas, and you smell bad no matter how much deodorant you apply, your body is trying to push out unwanted chemicals that are brewing inside. Get rid of them!

4. Skin Issues

If you look in the mirror and feel like you’re staring back at your pimply teenage self, there’s a problem. In fact, a number of skin problems, including rashes, are a manifestation of a deeply rooted issue. Rather than trying to clean your skin from the outside in, try addressing the issues that exist within the body and work your way out.

5. Lethargy

If you find yourself having a hard time keeping your eyes open in the middle of the day, either you’re sleep deprived or your body is feeling worn down by the unhealthy habits you have gained. If you are sleep deprived, and spend most nights tossing and turning, this could be another sign that your body is in need of a system reboot.

Does your system need a reboot? Synergy's Fortify program was designed to support a healthy gut microbiome, improve metabolic function, enhance cardiovascular function, and promote healthy body composition (weight management) all in one organized, proven program. Order your kit today and prepare to be amazed at the results!

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Legacy Left by Dr. Tripp: Important Announcement

Over the last five years, our company, our customers, and our Team Members have benefited greatly from the work of Dr. Matthew Tripp, our Chief Scientific Officer. His contributions to research and the development of our products has been invaluable in our mission to transform lives around the world.

Effective May 07, 2018, Dr. Tripp has retired from his position at Nature’s Sunshine Products and Synergy WorldWide to enjoy time with his family. During his tenure, Dr. Tripp established robust formulation and validation capabilities for our company. He launched groundbreaking new products and systems and proved their efficacy. A recent example of his work is Metabolic LDL, the latest clinically studied, patent-pending addition to the Synergy product portfolio, proven to reduce cholesterol using safe, powerful, and natural ingredients.

Dr. Tripp led the planning, opening and original operation of the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation. Under his leadership, the staff at the Hughes Center analyzed Synergy products new and old, studied ingredients and samples, and bolstered the strong, scientific foundation for Synergy’s future.

Synergy has been extremely fortunate to work with Dr. Tripp at the tail end of his illustrious career, coming to us with many years of experience and a well-established knowledge of human health. Looking ahead, Dr. Tripp’s research and methods will continue with the talented and extremely innovative team he assembled. This bright team, composed of qualified scientists and clinicians, is passionate about continuing to help people achieve Elite Health.

In just a few short months, the Hughes Center will relocate along with Synergy to the main floor of the beautiful new building we will share with Nature’s Sunshine. In just a few steps, those who come to visit the new Synergy offices will be able to see the state-of-the-art labs and clinics for themselves. Perhaps your visit will be an occasion to reflect on the contributions of Dr. Tripp, as well as a chance to look to the future of Synergy’s science-based product commitment.

At this time, we wish Dr. Tripp and his family all the best in retirement. We thank him for his important work, for his numerous trainings and presentations, and for his contributions and dedication to Elite Health. With Synergy, he truly leaves a legacy that we are ready to build upon.

“Dr. Tripp’s important work for Synergy WorldWide is immeasurable. We thank him for the legacy he leaves and for establishing the Hughes Center, which has greatly impacted how our products support Elite Health around the world. It has been a pleasure having him on our team, and we look forward to the continued research and studies from his highly-skilled team.”
-Dan Norman, President Synergy WorldWide

For more information on the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, click here.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

2018 Leadership Retreat: Cruise the Caribbean!

Synergy WorldWide is pleased to announce the details for this year’s highly-anticipated North American Leadership Retreat! Set sail on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas Cruise Ship for a five-night voyage. Departing from Tampa, Florida, this magnificent trip includes stops in Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. We look forward to delivering you the fun, the food, and the experience you deserve.

When: December 1-6, 2018
What: Caribbean Cruise
Where: Depart from Tampa, Florida, with stops in Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico.
Who: Qualifying Team Member. See the qualification details for information on how to qualify to bring a guest.
Qualification Period: January 2018 - September 2018.
How to Qualify:
First-time qualifiers include new Team Leaders and Team Managers. All first-time qualifiers must also be Elite Honors qualified 3 or more times within the qualification period.

New Team Leader
Qualify as an individual: Achieve the Team Leader title for the first time and maintain this title for 3 additional months
Qualify to bring a guest: Achieve the Team Leader title for the first time and maintain this title for 5 additional months

New Team Manager
Qualify as an individual: Achieve the Team Manager title for the first time and maintain this title for 1 additional month
Qualify to bring a guest: Achieve the Team Manager title for the first time and maintain this title for 2 additional months
Repeat qualifiers include Team Directors and above. All repeat qualifiers must also be Elite Honors qualified 3 or more times within the qualification period. A repeat qualifier must:

• Be paid as a Team Director for 3 months during the qualification period
• Personally sponsor 1 first-time qualifier

Existing Team Leaders and above
• Team Leaders must fulfill Team Manager qualifications
• Team Managers must rank advance to Team Director
• Team Directors and above must fulfill the “Repeat Qualification” criteria

Want to join us? You still have time to qualify!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Last month, a phenomenal group of Team Members became Elite Honors qualified. The 2018 Elite Honors Club is being reinforced by strong, passionate individuals. We look forward to seeing the new heights attained by consistent achievers. Thanks to the dedication and passion they bring to Synergy, the Elite Honors Club member will continue to reach new levels of success.

Congratulations to the following Elite Honors qualifiers:

Dane Iorg
Mark Comer
Roxanne Seely
Dan Hammer
Kenneth A. Gomez
Cliff Rosang
Joy Matwyshen
Westlake Body Contouring LLC
David Munoz
Judy Feldhausen
Arnold Brod
Daniel J. Mcnabb
Edwin Kerner
K. Roger Carter
Christopher Richards
Mireille Pierrev
Genevieve Edouard
Jannette Lindo
Diane Galloway

Remember, through other promotions like Title Plus, Team Members can earn extra rewards by leveraging their Elite Honors qualifications combined with new rank advancements. For more information on qualifying for Elite Honors, and the other lucrative promotion programs running this year, click here.

Again, we would like to congratulate the individuals listed above for achieving Elite Honors this last month. Your dedication to building a successful Synergy business is impressive. We are grateful for your hard work, your belief, and for the fantastic examples you are setting for anyone looking to Leave a Legacy of their own.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Last month, Synergy paid out over $8,500 in Title Plus bonuses. Congratulations to all those who earned their bonus last month!

Remember, by building on this momentum to maintain or reach new ranks you can earn matching bonuses, fourth month bonuses and compounding bonuses. For more information about the Title Plus promotion, click here.

Team Leader
The Synergy Project Llc 3x Achieved
Lindsey Henderson

The Synergy Project Llc 3x Achieved
Lindsey Henderson

Catharine Harvey 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
The Synergy Project Llc 3x Achieved
Lindsey Henderson 2x Achieved
Mireille Pierre

Jerome Bell 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
The Synergy Project Llc 3x Achieved
Josh Butcher 3x Achieved
Jeremy Reeder 3x Achieved
Henderson Neblett 2x Achieved
Lindsey Henderson 2x Achieved
Kelvin Thomas 2x Achieved
Brandon Brenchley 2x Achieved
Adam Nanney 2x Achieved
Prospertime Holdings Llc
Joan P. Missiah
Mireille Pierre

Matthew O. Holder 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
Hayden R. Nielsen 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
Shani Rochelle Jones 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
Stevenson Sobers 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
Sandra Green 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
Pamela Woollis 3x Achieved & Matching Bonus
Henry Mclucas 3x Achieved
Nathan-christopher Edouard 3x Achieved
Angela Fletcher 3x Achieved
Milton Edward Richards 3x Achieved
Kelvin Thomas 3x Achieved
The Synergy Project Llc 3x Achieved
Josh Butcher 3x Achieved
Jeremy Reeder 3x Achieved
Terry Roland Neblett 2x Achieved
Saintoria Thomas 2x Achieved
Jared R. Wright 2x Achieved
Kenny Dale 2x Achieved
Noel Richards 2x Achieved
Brandon Brenchley 2x Achieved
Adam Nanney 2x Achieved
James J. Knoll 2x Achieved
Leonidas B. Sales
Prospertime Holdings Llc
Cecil F. Forde
Elizabeth Ludovique
Alicia Hinesley
Hazael E. Mccollin
Merle Billy
Carolle A. Wong
Markeda Maxie
Elizabeth Mandeville-babb
Erlinda L. Dear
Holburn Pharmacy
Lamy Saint- Fleur
David Rivers
Jannette Lindo
Andrea C. Gariety
Alexander Plaza Verdejo
Lucia Leo
Diane Galloway
A P Jones & Co Ltd