Monday, October 5, 2015

Share Your Elite Honors Journey With Us!

Team Members around the world are setting a goal at the beginning of each month to get their head in the game, work hard, and become Elite Honors Qualified. What is Elite Honors? Click here to learn more.

Becoming Elite Honors Qualified is a fantastic feat, and we want to see you in action! Share snapshots of your Elite Honors journey with us and we’ll be ready to reward you along the way.

Beginning Friday, October 2, 2015, we will begin a series of #GoElite Giveaways. All you have to do to win these giveaways is post eye-catching images of yourself being an Elite Synergy Business Builder. Share these photos on Instagram, Facebook, or both using the hashtag #GoElite! Giveaways will happen at random, so continue checking your Facebook and Instagram accounts to know when to post.

  • Post a photo of yourself doing some Elite business building. Examples: Take a picture of yourself hosting a Synergy meeting, wearing your hard-earned Elite Honors pin, sharing a sample with a friend, training someone else on the Elite Honors earnings model … that kind of thing! As long as you prove that you are actively pursuing your Elite Honors goal, the photo will work.
  • Include the date the photo was taken in the caption. We are looking for recent Elite activities!
  • Include the hashtags #GoElite and #Synergyworldwide in you post. If you don’t include the hashtags, we won’t be able to find your photos!
  • These photos can be posted on Facebook and Instagram. Double your chances of winning by posting on both! Here’s how to find us:
    -Instagram: @synergyworldwide
    -Facebook account:

T-shirts, jackets, backpacks, padfolios, USBs, water bottles… there will be plenty of exciting prizes offered! Any of these could be yours for simply showing us what you’re doing in the field to become Elite Honors Qualified.

We can’t wait to experience with you the adventures you embark on to become Elite Honors Qualified. The first giveaway may be coming soon, so get your photos ready!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Elite Honors Spotlight: Steve & Julie Russon

Month after month, Team Members are discovering just how much is attainable when they set a goal to become Elite Honors Qualified each month. Team Members who have qualified multiple months are seeing the fruits of their labors and some are going the extra mile by maintaining their highest pin titles to earn the Go Elite promotion bonus.

Steve and Julie Russon, Silvers from Pleasant Grove, Utah, recently achieved Elite Honors for the third time and received the Go Elite bonus twice. This hardworking is couple has been with Synergy for 2 ½ years and is not lacking in personality. Steve competes in Scottish games, always sporting a kilt with a Synergy T-shirt, and Julie keeps herself busy supporting their three children and one grandson.  In addition, Steve works as the first assist to an orthopedic surgeon and sees the many ailments people suffer from on a daily basis.

“When we first heard about the Elite Honors model, it seemed familiar, like this is what we were supposed to be doing anyway. Before Elite Honors, we were working, but we were floundering. When Elite Honors was launched, we were really focused on making the customer volume work and focused on getting the signups. It has been a great guide for us. Every day, my husband and I wake up and decide what we need to do to achieve Elite Honors and then we say “Where do we want to go?” It is a morning habit now, like eating breakfast or brushing teeth.

Through Elite Honors, we’ve learned the business building process; we’ve learned how to focus and how to get organized. However, we had to decide that we didn’t want any another option, we wanted this to work. The program has been easy enough and is the reason we wake up with a fixed idea in our minds each morning of what we will accomplish that day. Remember, nothing ever comes easy and it’s a gradual process.

I have a serious appreciation for how devoted Synergy’s leaders are and how they express what Synergy has done for them. Because of this, the Synergy dream is believable and it’s possible. Synergy is a company that will never rip you off. It’s a company that cares and it’s an environment of caring for others.”

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Connect with Synergy on Instagram!

For all things Synergy, follow Synergy WorldWide on Instagram under the account name @synergyworldwide!

It is now your mission to go to your Instagram account, search @synergyworldwide, and follow us.

Why follow us?
  1. We will randomly select Instagram followers for Synergy merchandise and product giveaways. Mention @synergyworldwide or use the hashtag #synergyworldwide in all of your Synergy-related photos and there is a good chance we’ll repost them! 
  2. Find out what fellow Synergy WorldWide customers and Team Members from all over the world are up to. You may even learn a thing or two from them!
  3. Similar to our Facebook pages and blogs, our Instagram account is another avenue you can use to stay up-to-date on the latest Synergy happenings. 
  4. We promise to inspire you to Leave a Legacy with the fun images and messages we post! 
Don’t have an Instagram account? Well, you might want one! Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing social media service that is connecting more than 300 million people all over the world through imagery.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Track Your Elite Honors Progress in Pulse

With the launch of Elite Honors, we’ve created a concise, easy-to-navigate, tracking system on the dashboard of your Pulse account. Simply log in to Pulse and you’ll notice a new fixture that will help you in your pursuit to become Elite Honors Qualified and maximize your Synergy business’s potential.

Here are a few things you will want to note to understand how the tracker works:
  1. Click the “learn more” button in the top right hand corner for the Elite Honors flier and worksheet document. This document will tell you everything you need to know about becoming Elite Honors Qualified.
  2. The TC 1 Volume bar shows how much volume you’ve accumulated in Tracking Center 1 in the current month
     Reminder: You need 650 CV in TC 1 to qualify.
  3. The activation bar shows how much new distributor volume you’ve accumulated in the current month.
    • Reminder: You need two Elite Qualified Team Members at 150 CV each in Activation volume OR one Team Member at 300 CV to qualify
  4. The Go Elite Bonus bar shows how many new and old Team Members you have personally sponsored that are Elite Honors Qualified. This bar also shows the bonus amount you will earn in your next commissions payout based on how many EHQ Team Members you have sponsored.
  5. Do you have an active Autoship template? The bottom-left module will let you know.
  6. As you become an Elite Honors Qualifying professional, you will see the number of times you have qualified rise with each month you complete all EHQ requirements in the bottom-right module.
  7. Finally, are you Elite Honors qualified this month? We’ll give you a straight answer in the top right corner with a green “yes” box or a red “no” box, so you will never question where you stand.
Happy qualifying!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Legacy Retreat 2016

Synergy’s Legacy Retreat is returning to the Western Hemisphere, landing at the most iconic tropical destination North America has to offer: Hawaii! 

Qualified Team Members will rest easy at the Hilton Waikoloa Village located on Kona, Hawaii’s largest island, January 7-11, 2016.

The Kona coast is one of Hawaii’s most coveted travel destinations. From rolling acres of rich coffee farmland to its inviting beaches perfect for offshore adventures, it’s not hard to see what makes this such a gorgeous hideaway. Whether you’re eager to see the temples and petroglyphs at Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park or looking forward to a relaxing day in the warm Pacific sun, the village of Waikoloa has it all. Reward yourself with the tropical adventure of a lifetime!

The Legacy Retreat 2016 qualification period is January 1 - December 31, 2015. Click here to see how you can qualify for Kona!

Great news Synergy Team Members! Now you can stay up to date on how many Legacy Retreat points you’re earning by logging into your Pulse account.

Check out the 2015 Legacy Retreat recap video from Dubai and get a taste for what you can look forward to.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Elite Honors Spotlight: Judy Feldhausen

With three Elite Honors qualification months behind us, Team Members are continuing to discover just how much is attainable when they set a goal to become Elite Honors Qualified each month. Team Members who have qualified multiple months are seeing the fruits of their labors and some are going the extra mile by maintaining their highest pin titles to earn the Go Elite promotion bonus.

Click here to learn how to become Elite Honors Qualified and earn a Go Elite bonus.

Judy Feldhausen, a Silver from Chicago, became Elite Honors Qualifed for the second month in a row and recently earned a $300 Go Elite bonus for maintaining her highest pin title. Though Judy is busy helping her husband with his electrical contracting business, working as a life coach, and traveling to and from Colorado every other month to see her grandchildren, she makes time to actively pursue the Synergy business she has been building for more than two years. Over the last few months, Judy said Elite Honors has helped simplify business building and the way the business is explained to incoming distributors.

“The system has been explained in a very simplistic manner, one that anyone could understand. It makes people understand where their sales need to come from. For me, I like being able to have three areas to focus on. I’ll start with one area of focus, maybe customers, and once that area has been satisfied for the month, I move onto the next thing. Before Elite Honors, my goals were centered around achieving the next pin level. This goal hasn’t changed, but now there is an interim action item that will help me achieve that next level. I’m taking it one bite at a time.

Not only am I trying to achieve Elite Honors Qualification every month, Synergy gives me the help I need to support my team, which lets me know that Team Members and Synergy Headquarters are working as a team. When I support my team I don’t catch a fish for them. I teach them how to catch a fish. If a Team Member is trained well and given all of the resources they need to succeed, Elite Honors is absolutely attainable.”

Monday, September 21, 2015

Prospect with Synergy Tools

Are you using Synergy tools to elevate the way you do business? Dozens of resources are available to you through Pulse, the shopping cart, on your mobile device, on the corporate website, and more.
As you continue conducting your business using the Elite Wealth and Elite Health platforms, use all of the tools that have been created for your success.

Synergy Mobile App

Welcome to Synergy’s new hub for business on the go. Most people carry their phones with them at all times, making it the most convenient place to organize business information. The new Synergy mobile app has dozens of capabilities including 3-way calling, event invites and alerts. This app also acts as a Synergy library storing useful presentations, videos and testimonials that can be easily shared with prospective customer and distributors.

> Click here to learn more and purchase.

Pique Interest Cards

The name of this sales tool says it all. The Elite Health and Elite Wealth Pique Interest Cards were designed to prompt their recipients to learn more about Synergy’s opportunities. They easily fit into a pocket, folder or briefcase and provide a space to write contact information for a more detailed follow-up.

> Click here to learn more and purchase.

Tear-off Pads

Make the Elite Health and Elite Wealth tear-off pads the center of every initial Synergy conversation. Each tear-off pad contains 50 one-page presentations that the presenter can “tear off” and give to the prospective customer or Team Member. Bring the tear-off pads to a lunch appointment to make Synergy the focus of any conversation.

> Click here to learn more and purchase.

Fact Sheets

Use the six Elite Health fact sheets to introduce Synergy’s six product categories—ProArgi-9+, Heart Health, Core Nutrition, Weight Management, Fitness, and Personal Care. These fact sheets summarize the benefits of each product within the six products lines and describes the health goals attached to each product line. Fact sheets will make needs-based selling easy!

> Click here to view.

Elite Honors Worksheet

Forgot how to qualify for Elite Honors Club? This worksheet takes the Synergy Team Member through the necessary steps to earn at least $500 in three months. Follow the worksheet instructions to be Elite Honors qualified and earn higher commissions.

> Click here to view.