Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Announcing Legacy Retreat 2018

As a certain group of Pacific Islanders say, Bula!
It means hello, goodbye, welcome, love, and more. You will need to put this word in your mental dictionary when you qualify for Legacy Retreat 2018, because we are going to FIJI!

Come with us, April 24–29, 2018, to the heart of the South Pacific where you’ll find white beaches, crystal waters, luxury and complete relaxation.

In Fiji, time seems to slow down to match the country’s pace of life. The country is comprised of over 300 islands. There are so many things to be seen and adventures to be had in Fiji—it’s hard to know where to begin! This destination is an absolute dream for any traveler, especially when you travel with Synergy WorldWide.

We don’t want you to miss out on this upcoming Legacy Retreat— Commit now to qualifying for the event! The qualification period is January 1 to December 31, 2017.

To learn how you can qualify for Legacy Retreat 2018, click here.

Inspired by a traditional Fijian village, the InterContinental Fiji Hotel & Resort has superb facilities set among coconut palms and 35 acres of native flora. Enjoy Fijian hospitality beside world-class Natadola Beach, dive among brilliant coral, relax in the pools and spa, or enjoy 18 holes on the PGA-endorsed golf course. The InterContinental Fiji Hotel & Resort will be your home away from home for a true luxury retreat.

Of course, the memorable moments of a Synergy Legacy Retreat come from not only the splendor of the hotel or the breathtaking views. With Synergy, you will have a variety of activities and adventures to choose from, delicious meals to savor, and the chance to enjoy the company of Synergy's most elite and dedicated leaders.

Set your course to the islands. Qualify this year and experience Fiji in style. We look forward to rewarding you with paradise in 2018.

To view a video recap of the 2017 Legacy Retreat in Monaco, click here.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Synergy's most popular promotion has been enhanced! For the second half of 2017, there will be more bonus money to be earned with Title Plus than ever before. This program enhancement takes effect July 1, 2017, bringing even BIGGER rewards for your rank advancements and sustained activity.

  • When you maintain a newly achieved pin title for a FOURTH consecutive month, you'll earn the new "Fourth Month Bonus." This new bonus comes in addition to the three regular monthly bonuses and matching bonus you will have earned!
  • Now, the Title Plus Enhanced bonuses are even available to Team Members at the Pearl Executive position.
  • Almost $20k in additional bonus money is now on the table! Yours for the taking.
For details and examples of how the Title Plus promotion works, read below.

As the potential to earn larger cash bonuses grows within the Title Plus program, Synergy North America will be discontinuing the Go Elite bonus beginning July 1. It is our hope that Team Members will focus on rank advancements and maintaining the momentum as incentivized by Title Plus. Those who earn Go Elite bonuses in June will be paid accordingly, and the Elite Honors program will be continue throughout at least the end of this year.


  • The Title Plus promotion began February 1 and runs through December 2017. The enhancements take effect beginning July 1.
  • Each time you earn a new, highest personally achieved pin level you will receive a cash bonus!
  • The point when the new level is reached will kick off a four-month reward period where you can earn a cash bonus again and again for the following three months!
  • If you drop below the new rank for a month, but reach it again in month three or four, you will earn the pin level reward (the cash bonus) for month three or four only.
  • In addition to the cash bonuses you earn for hitting and maintaining a new title, Synergy is offering a MATCHING BONUS!
  • If you maintain the new pin level or higher for all three consecutive months within the promotion period, you will get the matching bonus.
  • If you maintain the new pin level or higher for a fourth consecutive month within the promotion period, you will also get the fourth month bonus!
  • At the Team Leader through Team Elite levels, to earn the matching bonus and fourth month bonus, you must also be Elite Honors Qualified for atleast one of the first three months. See below for Elite Honors Qualification details.
  • The matching bonus equals to the sum of the three month’s pin level rewards at that new pin level. That’s double the money!
  • The fourth month bonus is equal to one more month of pin level rewards (the monthly cash bonus) plus one more matching bonus!
  • Keep in mind that if you do not maintain the pin level or higher for the three consecutive months, you will lose the entire matching bonus amount for that new pin level, and you will miss a chance to earn your fourth month bonus. Don’t let your level drop!
  • If you ascend multiple ranks, your rewards will compound. In other words, you will be paid for every pin level you reach!
  • To qualify for the rewards of the Title Plus promotion, you must meet your Standard Personal Qualification in the qualifying month.*

You can earn as many new Title Plus bonuses, matching bonuses and fourth month bonuses as you are able to achieve during the promotion period. There are still six months left in the year, so don’t waste any time! 

Click here to download a printable Title Plus 2017 Enhancement flyer


Example 1: Bob the Star 
• If Bob advances to Star in July (first time ever) he earns $25 in addition to his regular commissions. 
• If Bob hits Star again in August, he earns another $25. 
• If Bob hits Star again in September, he earns another $25, plus he earns the $75 matching bonus for hitting Star three months in a row!
• If Bob hits Star again in October, he earns another $100! It's the new fourth month bonus! Nice work Bob! 

*If Bob hits Star in July and August, but does not in September, he earns neither the corresponding 3rd month bonus nor the matching bonus. If he hits it again in October, he'll get the $25 cash bonus, but no matching bonus and no complete fourth month bonus. 

Example 2: Carl the Climber 
• If Carl advances to Star in August (first time ever), he earns $25 in addition to his regular commissions. 
• If Carl then advances to Bronze in September, he earns $25 for the second month of Star title, plus $50 for his first month of Bronze title. 
• If Carl then advances to Silver in October, he earns $25 for his third month of Star title, the $75 Star Matching Bank bonus, $50 for the second month of Bronze title, and $75 for the first month of Silver title. Keep climbing Carl!
• If Carl advances to Gold in November, he'll earn $100 for his fourth month of Star title, $50 for his third month of Bronze title PLUS his Bronze matching bonus of $150, and another $75 for a second month of Silver!
*If Carl hits Star in August and Bronze in September, but drops back to Star in October, he will receive all three months of the Star Bonus, plus the Matching bonus for Star title, but only the first month title bonus for Bronze. Carl can still earn the third month Title Bonus for Bronze in November, but he cannot earn the Bronze matching bonus. He will also still be on track for a fourth month bonus at the Star level.

Example 3: Terry the Team Leader 
• If Terry advances to Team Leader in July (first time ever), she earns $200 in addition to her regular commissions. 
• If Terry hits Team Leader again August, she earns another $200. 
• If Terry hits Team Leader again in September AND become Elite Honors Qualified that month, she earns another $200, plus the matching bonus of $600. 
*If Terry hits Team Leader in July, August and September, but does not qualify for Elite Honors in any of those three months, she does not earn the matching bonus. 

From January through December of 2017, a Team Member qualifies for Elite Honors at either the 600, 1200 or 2400 levels by having either 600 CV, 1200 CV or 2400 CV on their Tracking Center 1 (TC1). For more information about Elite Honors requirements and rewards, please click here or contact us at (801) 769-7800.

Terms and Conditions
All monthly volume must be placed in the system by month end. Any returns or other adjustments will be factored into the calculation of this promotion, and will result in an increase or decrease in the actual promotion amount earned and paid. 2017 Title Plus promotion earnings will be included with your monthly commission check for the month the new title is earned. The matching bonus will be added to the monthly commission check corresponding to the third consecutive month that you achieve the new pin level or higher. The Title Plus promotion is applicable for the ranks of Star through Pearl Executive ranks only. *Standard Personal Qualification for North America is a minimum of 120 CV in total orders on your Tracking Center 1.
Download the Title Plus 2017 Enhanced flyer here
Download the original Title Plus 2017 flyer here

Friday, June 16, 2017

May 2017 Elite Honors Qualifiers

The 2017 Elite Honors program maximizes each Team Member’s earning potential by streamlining the way organizations do business with Synergy WorldWide. Plus, through the Go Elite promotion, Team Members following the program can earn extra rewards by doing what they have always done—building a successful business.


Elite 2400

Bart Woodcook
Dan Hammer
Cliff Rosang
Lillian C. Vergin
Anna Bergman
David N. Sim
Judith Allen
Michael Quigg
Arnold Brod
Lise Quigg
Bonnie Tompkins
Sandra Kerner
Kim Kanazawa
Scott Rosang
Dr. Joshua Purcell

Elite 1200

Dano Llc
Paul Bladd & Rudy Pedroza
Eva M Miller
Nancy Kerbs
Robert  Wischmeier
Dwayne & Sandy Schmidek
Roger  Hunt
Richard Matwyshen
Belva Snow
Jimmy Chisum
Mary Blakley
David Munoz
Dr. Jason
Willa F. Holgate
Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer
Dr. Jack Kucheran
Dianna  Wimberly
Dr. Richard Johnson
Rick Cox
Dr. Steve Amodeo
Mocha Butkovich
Timothy Walker
Noel Evora
Jessica Gambill
Dr Timothy Bortz
Dr. Brian Prax
Dr. Darin Bowlby
Dr. Carl Johnson
Wendy Twohey
Christopher Richards
Dr. Eric
Alana Malcolm
Dr. Josh Nelson
Elizabeth Temple- Holmes

Elite 600

Dianne & Lorin Leavitt
Yency Hill
Janet Wharton
DNC Marketing
Mark Comer
Branda & Gary Smestad
Brian Holt
Gerri Bingham
David Davidson
Nell Lewis
Jeanette Jenkins
Lee Edwards
Nicole Blad
Ken & Mary Richeaux
Timothy N Vigil
Pacific Star Technology Remittance Inc
Ron Steinkirchner
Kelli Venuti
Mary Lynn V. Beazer-Marsh
Nicole Mcnamara
David Wissmiller
Wilma Guffey
Ronald G  Karcher
Janice Marie Smith
Charlene Burnett
Dawn Norton
Richard M. Hartley
Reed Burnett
Brent Burnett
Joel Estrellado
Dr. David Burnett
Kaelynn Rae Smestad
Arthur Deere
Michael J. Morneau
Dean Anderson
Cynthia Mendoza
Alan M. Masi
Jeffery Ackley
Clifford L. Sorensen
Diana Lucas
Wesley Anzai
Jean Lavallie
Nathan Yoder
Wanda S. Anzai
Douglas J. & Cynthia B. Masi
Joe James
Dr. Diana Sabella
Linda Hansen
Betsy C. Bartlett
Joy Matwyshen
Vibramed Holistic Health Ltd
Colin Chan
Honest Le Llc
Debra Corley
Rosi Moosman
Adrian Dutkevich
Mary Alice Kirkham
Dan Curtis
Kurt Ochsner
Westlake Body Contouring Llc.
Nancy Strom
Quantum Chiropractic
Darren Taylor
Rising Dawn Inc.
Dr. Don Salyer
Dr. Tim Harrigan
Dr. Corey  Gray
Dr. Patrick Mccuaig
Sarah Harms
Deborah Jenson
Michelle Morrison
Beth Carter
Cathy Chevalier
Mary Foster
Dr. Neil Scharf
David Miller
Betsy Munoz
Michael Billauer
Judy Feldhausen
Dr. Glenn Clearie
Monte R. Stamper
Dr. Charina Holmes Dc, Inc
Brad Burnett
Michael Burnett
Margie Dean
Michelle M Dean
Paul R Dean
Jennifer Lewis
George Bellack
Lachelle Lopez
Maile Burnett
Gary Burnett
Sheree Boswell
Matt Lewis
Peter Burnett
Lewis Kauffman
Shar Ostrem
Carol Roberts
Nathan Fowers
Jared Chadburn
Elizabeth Blanchard
Patricia Fowers
Malinee Jung
Marcia Kenobbie
Stavey Burnett
Dr. Anthony Galante
Eva De Santiago
Peggy  Freeman
Michelle  Fuller
Wendy Taylor
William Burnett
Joshua Burnett
Dave Cerden
Steven Gresham
Margie Hincks
Marion Sczesny
Alicia Limon
Monica Vargas
Mindy Weber
Paul Limon
Tiffany Burnett
Carole Burnett
Robert H. Grant
Anastasia Haner
Penny Murphy
Alora Owler
Terrance Cardon
Robin Stone
Dr. Ruben  Garcia
Lori Burnett
Dr. Phil Andrus
Dawnetta Andrus
Dr. Bob Armstrong
Alvin Lewin
Dr. Ardie Singh
Dawn Huiet
Heather Jarvis
Karen Trane
Gail Little
Staci Kirkland
Tom Kirkland
Jared Beckstrand
Angey Beckstrand
Dr. John Dickerson
David Medina
Dr. Kevin Miller
Boyd Lynn & Debra Gerber
Jared Fenn
Elena Davis
Nina Burnett
Wandie Drake
Alejandro Zurita
Bernadette Zamora
Mary Ortiz
Melissa Krecic
Restorative Wellness Center
Dr. May Buchanan
Heather Drake
Armondo Dubon
Crystal Hernandez
Oliver Sczesny
Melissa Dolyniuk
Sara Edelman
Tia Barela
Jeff Scott
Amanda Flores
Shantelle Dawson
Teresa Rivera
Jesus Rivera
Cliffton Salter
William Mills
Jonathan Blythe
Dr. Gary Veytsman
Dr. Melissa Groelz
Dr. Blaine Upham
Farah Jamal
Carl Scott
Kurt Johnson
Jeanette Smith
Donna Goff
Michael Jones
Prescious When
Ray Owens
Amanda Cluff
Christopher Marquez
James Henderson
Michelle Moreno
Daniel Culton
Katherine Culton
Terry Coulton
Marlin Miller
Cherise Hopper
Bonnie Smith
Camilla Apancio
Dayna Mendoza
Dezi Perez
Maurilla Trejo
Constance Hernandez
Subation Ortiz
Jennifer Burnett
Prentiss Pegues
Ralph Salter
Dr. Brandon Maxwell
Charles Barker
Jack Jenson
Skyler Nichols
Tera Cottle
Austin Cottle
Travis Cottle
Ronnie Bridges
Kelly Bridges
Amy Hepburn
Steve Allison
Andrew Jang
Michael Armstrong
Deborah Yaffee
Ann-Marie Baranofsky
Gretchen Dean
Naomi Castro
Suzy Chikhani
Hanna Clarke
Terry Roach
Dr. Edwin Thompson
Kayla Restko
Joshua Davidson
Joseph Sherman
Samuel Fulte
Jerry Mitchell
Chelsea Richards
Alex Montandon
Troy Bever
Bradyn Chadwick
Joy Mascilak
Jeremy Lavender
Patricia Hughston
Gwenn Herring
Janice Jones
Korliece Cumrie
Julie Mccauley
Jeremy Greever
Tammie Greever
Nathan Humphries
Tucker Taylor
Gerald Colbert
Kevin Burnett
Joann Burnett
Genna Sing
Jerry  Brown
Rocha Ramiro
Dr. Bob Thatcher
Covert Preston
Kaden Coziar
Marsha Burr
Edwin Burr
Elizabeth Marx
Anthony Gonzales
Arieanne Tenero
Candra Tenero
Jason Hanks

Congratulations to everyone who has achieved Elite Honors so far. The dedication and passion you have for building a successful Synergy business is impressive. We would like to thank you for your wonderful work ethic and belief, as well as the examples you are to all those looking to Leave a Legacy of their own.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Matching Bonuses Achieved! Title Plus 2017

Years ago, Team Members across North America fell in love with the Title Plus promotion, earning extra money along with new titles, and banking bonuses by maintaining momentum. Now, by popular demand, the Title Plus Promotion is back, and we're already more than four months deep into this 2017 edition. Time is flying by!

In May, nearly 50 of our Team Members were able to maintain newly achieved pin titles for a third straight month, thereby earning the Title Plus Matching Bonus. This means Synergy paid double the bonus they've earned month after month. Not a bad way to start the summer!

Congratulations to the following Team Members for rank advancing and sustaining that momentum:

Team Elite: $2,100 Matching Bonus
David Davidson

Team Manager: $900 Matching Bonus
O'Neil Cattnell

Team Leader: $600 Matching Bonus
O'Neil Cattnell
Shankie Chin

Gold: $300 Matching Bonus
Shankie Chin
Beverley Holness

Silver: $225 Matching Bonus
Tiffany Burnett
Earlwaine Cumberbatch
Russell Scivally
Shankie Chin
Beverley Holness

Bronze: $150 Matching Bonus
Dr. Shannon Bone
Elizabeth Blanchard
Russell Scivally
Armondo Dubon
Sara Edelman
Beverley Holness
Owen Williams
Carl Scott

Star: $75 Matching Bonus
Ruth T. Stroud
Marquette Cordova
Virginia Albert Poyotte
Dr Timothy Bortz
Nina Burnett
Alejandro Zurita
Dr. Carl Johnson
Jordan D. Cook
Sara Edelman
Sherwin Williams
Beverley Holness
Gary Wright
Cliffton Salter
William Mills
Owen Williams
Ralston Barnes
Devon Metcalfe
Elliot O. Douglin
Debby Donaldson
Ansel Drummond
Christopher Richards
Carl Scott
Mark Stewart
Daniel Culton
Marlin Miller
Jennifer Burnett

We look forward to your future successes as the 2017 Title Plus promotion continues throughout the rest of the year! For more information and details behind this exciting incentive program, click here.

Friday, June 09, 2017

May 2017 Title Plus Earners

In May, Synergy paid out over $17,000 in Title Plus bonuses. A special congratulations goes out to these individuals who earned a bonus this month!

Keep working hard in order to earn the matching bonus by maintaining all new titles for 3 months! For more information about the 2017 Title Plus promotion, click here.

Team Elite
David Davidson 3x Achieved: $2,100 Matching Bonus

Team Manager
O'Neil Cattnell 3x Achieved: $900 Matching Bonus
Jacinth Waldron

Team Leader
O'Neil Cattnell 3x Achieved: $600 Matching Bonus
Shankie Chin 3x Achieved: $600 Matching Bonus
Beverley Holness 2x Achieved
Virginia Albert Poyotte
Russell Scivally

Shankie Chin 3x Achieved: $300 Matching Bonus
Beverley Holness 3x Achieved: $300 Matching Bonus
Jodi Brumfield 2x Achieved
Russell Scivally 2x Achieved
Virginia Albert Poyotte

Tiffany Burnett 3x Achieved: $225 Matching Bonus
Earlwaine Cumberbatch 3x Achieved: $225 Matching Bonus
Russell Scivally 3x Achieved: $225 Matching Bonus
Shankie Chin 3x Achieved: $225 Matching Bonus
Beverley Holness 3x Achieved: $225 Matching Bonus
Jodi Brumfield 2x Achieved
Dr. Shannon Bone
Elizabeth Blanchard
Virginia Albert Poyotte
Joseph Scott
Timothy Walker
Ansel Drummond
Michael Mcneil

Dr. Shannon Bone 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Elizabeth Blanchard 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Russell Scivally 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Armondo Dubon 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Sara Edelman 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Beverley Holness 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Owen Williams 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Carl Scott 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Jodi Brumfield 2x Achieved
Mindy Weber 2x Achieved
Virginia Albert Poyotte 2x Achieved
Dr Timothy Bortz 2x Achieved
Peter Randolph Elcock 2x Achieved
Winston Cumberbatch 2x Achieved
Ansel Drummond 2x Achieved
Denise Pereira Bissessar 2x Achieved
Stacey Burnett
Margie Hincks
Paul Limon
Joseph Scott
Marylene Albert
Timothy Walker
Trevor Browne
David Medina
Dr. Daren Bowlby
Gary Wright
Wisdom Company Trust
Dr. Jeff Miceli
Dr. Eric
Alana Malcolm
Dr. Josh Nelson
Michael Mcneil
Elizabeth Temple- Holmes
Durlyne Holder
Jason Hanks

Ruth T. Stroud 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Marquette Cordova 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Virginia Albert Poyotte 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Dr Timothy Bortz 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Nina Burnett 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Alejandro Zurita 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Dr. Carl Johnson 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Jordan D. Cook 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Sara Edelman 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Sherwin Williams 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Beverley Holness 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Gary Wright 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Cliffton Salter 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
William Mills 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Owen Williams 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Ralston Barnes 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Devon Metcalfe 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Elliot O. Douglin 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Debby Donaldson 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Ansel Drummond 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Christopher Richards 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Carl Scott 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Mark Stewart 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Daniel Culton 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Marlin Miller 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Jennifer Burnett 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Dianna Wimberly 2x Achieved
Dr. Anthony Galante 2x Achieved
Robert Kenemer 2x Achieved
Paul Limon 2x Achieved
Joseph Scott 2x Achieved
Timothy Walker 2x Achieved
Susana De Santiago 2x Achieved
Sandra Dorlema Brereton 2x Achieved
Julita F. Greaves-cumberbatch 2x Achieved
Dr. Melissa Groelz 2x Achieved
Dr. Jeff Miceli 2x Achieved
Dr. Eric 2x Achieved
Denise Pereira Bissessar 2x Achieved
Alana Malcolm 2x Achieved
Vanessa Lawrence 2x Achieved
Marc Enterprise 2x Achieved
Jankey Ragoonanan 2x Achieved
Dr. Josh Nelson 2x Achieved
Michael Mcneil 2x Achieved
Christopher Graham 2x Achieved
Tera Cottle 2x Achieved
Yency L. Hill
Honest Le Llc
Stephen Levin
Dave Cerden
Dr. Salvatore Gorla
Marylene Albert
Staci Kirkland
Tom Kirkland
Jared Beckstrand
Angey Beckstrand
Dr Albert Davis
Dr. John Dickerson
Julianne Celeste Scott
Jacob Esh
Manzura Kamalova
Alex Ford
Henrietta Parker
Dr. Blaine Upham
Shawnte Broadus
Wendy Twohey
Sharon Smith Evans
Catharine Harvey
Delroy Grant
James Henderson
Charmen Gabbidon
Conrad Neufville
Fidelis Alexander
Rita William
Dr. Brandon Maxwell
Grace Lyon
Pauline Fearon
Will Fix
Martha Broyles
Rosanna Detweiler
Jack Jenson
Skyler Nichols
Victor Poyotte
Andrew Jang
Michael Armstrong
Elizabeth Temple- Holmes
Deborah Yaffee
Ann-marie Baranofsky
Gretchen Dean
Dejan Holder
Durlyne Holder
Gloria Charles
Willett Mitchell
Dr. Edwin Thompson
Kayla Restko
Evelyn Albert
Joseph Sherman
Joy Mascilak
Janice Jones
Nathan Humphries
Dr. Bob Thatcher
Jason Hanks

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

May 2017 Recognition

MAY 2017: Congratulations to the following Team Members throughout the United States and Canada. We look forward to your continued triumphs this year!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

General Manager's Message to North American Team

Greetings North American Team Members,

To start a successful business, it is important to begin with a powerful foundation, much like a competitive sprinter exploding out of the starting blocks. Next, an aggressive and maintainable pace must be set. Then, as the finish line comes into view, every ounce of strength and energy is used to assure victory.

I am confident that 2017 will be a prizewinning year for Synergy North America. We have not even hit the halfway mark and we are already seeing an incredible amount of progress. In January, I met with top North American Leaders to discuss and develop our strategy for 2017. After this plan was approved, we began to execute.

The first milestone, our explosive start, came during the Purify Kit limited time offer event in March. It was remarkable to see how efficiently our Team Members promoted this sale and how excited everyone was for Purify. Due to the incredible response of our leaders and Team Members, March was the best month Synergy North America has had in years! We sold over 1,000 Purify Kits in only a few hours. We sold so many in fact, that I had to start taking demo kits off the desks of Executives to fill order demand. It was this moment in March that set the tone for the rest of 2017.

Next, we maintained our impressive pace and energy at the Elite Health kickoff event on May 12th – 13th here in Utah. This event served as a launching point to introduce the Elite Health messaging, marketing, positioning and products into our market. This alignment of all facets of the Synergy business is going to create exponential growth moving forward. It was also rewarding to be able to congratulate and recognize the hard work and effort that many of you have been putting in over the past two years.

The most exciting thing coming to Synergy North America is the next step of the Elite Health program. This summer, we will be the first market in the world to launch FORTIFY! The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation has completed its clinical study on this program, successfully demonstrating its beneficial effect on the microbiome. I cannot wait for you all to try it!

Along with Fortify, we are planning the launch of Trulūm, our revolutionized skincare line, later this year. These innovative products were the best selling items at the Asian Summit when they launched in 2016 and now we are bringing that excitement here.

We are off to an impressive start. We exploded out of the blocks in March, setting the tone for the rest of the year. Now, we have set our pace with the official launch of Purify (and the Fortify launch coming soon). Later this year, we will push through to the finish line with Trulūm becoming available in the fourth quarter. So go get your running shoes, things are happening fast!


Shane Greer
General Manager,
Synergy North America