Synergy Team Manager Academy

Friday, April 30, 2010

Park City, Utah, is a cultured mountain town famous for its Olympic venues, its world’s best ski resorts, and for the Sundance Film Festival. But when the snow melts, abounding possibilities are uncovered. The majestic mountains are ideal for hiking, biking, or sliding—either down the Alpine slide or, for real adventure, down the Olympic bobsled track.

This summer, Park City will become home to the inaugural Synergy Team Manager Academy taking place July 15-18, 2010. This exclusive event is for all Team Members who hit the rank of Team Manager for the first time between June 2009 and May 2010. Once you qualify, all you need to do is get to Park City and Synergy will take care of the rest. We will put you up at the luxurious Chateaux at Silver Lake, take care of all your meals, and provide advanced product and business trainings. The group will have the privilege of giving back to the community through a Legacy Project and will have a chance to bond with other leaders during an exciting team building activity.

The Team Manager Academy will be a life-changing event so make sure that you are a part of the experience. We will see you in July.


New Contact Information

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beginning May 1, 2010, Synergy’s new fax lines will take full effect. All old lines will be disconnected so be sure to take note of these new numbers:

(Country Code +001)
Customer Service Fax: 801-443-3279
Compliance Fax: 801-443-3282


Recognition Evening Recap

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Vietnam Registration Now Live

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We are excited to announce that the Vietnam online registration is now live! At this time we are accepting Team Member applications and contracts for this new market. Today marks the beginning of a pre-launch phase that will last until May 16th, after which time we will be open for business and orders can be activated. We are currently accepting stockist agreements for those people who meet the stockist criteria and who are interested in becoming stockists.

Visit the new Synergy Vietnam blog at to find information on getting started, signing up online, and on working in Vietnam as a foreigner.

This exciting new market is poised to soar to great heights within our already explosive Asian markets.


Gold Camp - May 22

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Synergy’s inaugural Gold Camp is quickly approaching. The exclusive Synergy Gold Camp is a training opportunity designed specifically for Team Members at the Gold and Team Leader levels to take them to new heights.

Synergy’s first Gold Camp will premier May 22, 2010, in conjunction with our Open House. All Team Members who have advanced to Gold or Team Leader for the first time from November 2009 to May 2010 are invited to attend.

Gold Camp Agenda:

* 8 am: Breakfast (Provided by Synergy)
* 9 am–12 am: Business Building Skills

– Conducting Opportunity Meetings
– Conducting Trainings
– Moderating Conference Calls
– Product Training
– Recognition
– Communication

* 12 pm–2 pm: Lunch (Provided by Synergy)
* 2 pm–4 pm: Compensation Plan Training
* 4 pm–5 pm: Advisory Board Q&A

You will be responsible for personal travel and accommodations, and we will provide you with exclusive and highly valuable training to assist you as you build up a solid business. We will also treat you to breakfast and lunch during the event. We invite all new Gold and Team Leaders to join us for our first Gold Camp on May 22, 2010.


Announcing Legacy Retreat 2011 in Maui

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Recognition Evening was a Success!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Picture it: a room completely packed with Synergy supporters from across the country and Canada, 80 energetic Hawaiians, Dr. Joe buried in leis, Team Members parading across the stage, a majestic eagle statue, hand-carved oars straight from the islands, an honoring video, and touching and inspiring words by leaders and executives. And let’s not forget the music, singing, and delectable food. All this and more made up the April 24, 2010 Recognition Evening.

The grand event was held in a finely decorated ballroom of the historic Provo Library at Academy Square. Team Members arrived elegantly dressed and dined on savory cuisine while a live band graced them with jazz. The program began with recognition for the great success and accomplishments of attending Team Members for Top Recruiter, Business Builder, Title Plus Promotion earnings, and Rank Advancements. Each recipient shined with a moment on stage and a chance to shake hands with the executives. The awards were interspersed with music and prizes of product, video camcorders, and cash.

Three significant awards and presentations rounded out the evening. Brian Holt and Marty Holker each were honored as new Team Directors. Brian’s upline, Steve and Roxanne Seely, Rudy Pedroza, and Paul Blad presented Brian with an impressive statue of an eagle and each spoke about the contribution Brian is making to the team and to Synergy as a whole. Marty Holker’s sponsor, Mark Comer, spoke about what a true pleasure it was to work with Marty and to find success with him. Marty’s team from Hawaii gave a heart felt thank you to Marty and all of Synergy for laying the foundation and opening the way for them to come to Synergy and to have their lives changed for the better. The group presented Marty, Mark, Dan Higginson, and Dr. Joe with priceless wooden oars carved by grateful Team Members. During and after the event, Team Members shared hugs around the room to thank each other for the role that they are playing in forging the global Synergy family.

In honor of our newest Pearl Executive, John Hewlett, friends, upline, downline, and Executives shared sentiments of respect and admiration for John’s accomplishments via a touching video. John’s wife, Karen, gave a moving tribute to her husband and John reminded attendees why we are in this business and out sharing the products everyday. The goal is to save a million lives and together they are changing lives every single day.

Dan Higginson finished off the evening with an inspiring message of strength and determination. Experiences build us and bond us, and our joined strength and experiences will make us the next billion dollar company. We are truly in momentum and he can’t wait to see what how high we get.

Thank you to each Team Member who joined us for a delightful evening.


Friday Fun Read- The Importance of Recognition

Friday, April 23, 2010

This is it! Today’s the day. Team Members have gathered from all over for the Open House and for a wonderful evening of recognition.

Recognition is an essential part of building a business. So, for today’s Friday Fun Read, here is an article on the importance of recognition:

Network Marketing Recognition – The Not So Obvious Gem in Duplication

Systems, template websites, scripts, proven to produce advertising and more; your arsenal of tools designed to create duplication on your team is mighty. Is recognition part of your efforts? It should be.

In all likelihood, your company does it with contests or perhaps a leader board in your back-office. Taking that concept to the more intimate level of your team can assist your associates in creating the duplication that will produce results you both desire. Plus, it feels really good too.

When I first ventured into the world of home-based business entrepreneurialism I realized that I missed this from my days as an employee. Sure, I was building a successful enterprise and that felt great but I got used to the daily appreciation and recognition of my leaders. Those special perks and a pat on the back in front of my peers for a job well done motivated me to push even more. My boss knew exactly what he was doing to get greater and greater results out of me. While you certainly are not a boss in the home business world, you are a leader and duplication builds leverage for you to achieve your goals and increase your income significantly.

Very often people will do more for recognition than they will for money. This is even more important in the beginning when they are weaning themselves of the praise they often received from a boss and discovering who they are in their new venture. Tap into this and you will capture two very powerful groups in your organization.

1. Those that want to see their name in lights will strive for your recognition. Acknowledging them will assist them in creating a core belief that they have what it takes to achieve great success. Further it will demonstrate to their newest associates that they are aligned with a leader that knows how to get them where they want to be. In this case, you motivate many levels in your organization.

2. The competitive ones. You know who they are, those that cannot stand to be outdone. They must win. They will get into action to be at the top of any category you recognize.

Regardless of your business, you can create categories for recognition; top sales volume, top profit, 1st sale, qualifying at various levels. The options are wide and varied and you know them best. The key here will be consistency. If you are sporadic in your recognition it will lose luster. Weekly postings at the same time will have your team eager to check their email or your website and keep them striving until the last minute with the opportunity for a fresh start toward the top of your leader board the following week.

If you are prepared to take this concept to the next level, create contests within your team. Monthly or quarterly goals with top producers receiving prizes will shine a special spotlight on the leaders among your associates. This does require a similar consistency. Consider your goals and whether or not your team needs a special push to get you there. If you believe a contest can help, toss out a 60 or 90 day contest. My advice here, make sure your prizes are accessible by everyone. In other words, do not offer a $500.00 dinner certificate to the best steakhouse in your city if you have associates all over the globe. Instead choose an online certificate or a two night get-away at a luxurious hotel chain that can be used nearly everywhere. Your team will appreciate the investment you are making in them and your financial results will follow. Did I mention this feels really great too?

Now, go recognize your current and future leaders. It is a win for both of you financially and personally.

Jennifer Johnson


Article Source:


Dr. Buhler Featured in Utah Newspaper

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dr. Craig Buhler, chiropractor and advocate of ProArgi-9 Plus, was recently featured in a prominent Utah newspaper. The article discusses his innovative healing practices and the incredible success he has had rehabilitating many athlete injuries. Dr. Buhler has worked with the NBA Utah Jazz and many college and Olympic athletes, and many have made amazing recoveries because of Dr. Buhler’s balancing and muscle targeting approach.

Read the article for yourself to understand the great impact of these preventative methods. It is an honor for Synergy to associate with Dr. Buhler.


Boost Your Heart Health

Friday, April 16, 2010

In addition to taking ProArgi-9 Plus, here are some healthy ways to boost your heart health:
1. Get active and stay active; take 30 minutes 4 times a week or more for moderate physical activity.
2. Plan most meals with one-half vegetables, one-quarter lean meat or fish, and one quarter brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or beans.
3. Drink a glass of orange juice at breakfast, snack on an apple or grapes during the day, and 2 cups of vegetables with dinner.
4. Keep your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check with regular screenings.
5. Control your cholesterol by eating more foods from plants rather than foods from animals.
6. Learn about your target heart rate and exercise in that zone at least 3 times per week.
7. If you smoke, stop; it’s the best thing you can do for your heart.
8. Stop stress in its tracks by making time for activities that you find relaxing.
9. Talk to your health care provider about your heart disease risk facts at your next checkup.
10. Choose fish with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


Stewart's Executive Message

Friday, April 16, 2010

Team Members,

As a company, we have so many strengths that are resulting in momentous growth and that set us a part from any other company in the industry. Particularly, the quality and consistency of the people and products associated with Synergy have proven to be a huge factor in our success.

The individuals associated with Synergy are some of the brightest and best people in the industry. The quality and consistency of each member of the Synergy team is a unique characteristic of Synergy and is unmatched in our industry. We are a group that naturally reaches out, lifts, and supports each other, and I recognize and appreciate that characteristic. Next week is our Recognition Evening, and we are so excited for the chance to celebrate the success and achievements of our Synergy Team Members. Each award is more than an individual achievement—it is group success and we are all a part of it. Everyone who can should come to the event to stand in support of all Synergy Team Members and to truly make this a magnificent event. Each new and existing Team Member builds and strengthens the foundation of Synergy, and we are helping each other with an understanding that we are constructing this company together.

In addition to the strength that comes from our incredible Team Members, Synergy is strong because of our unique products. Our products provide results—nothing can compare. Our high level of quality assurance and product development puts us in a league of our own. Our flagship product, ProArgi-9 Plus, stands apart because of its powerful ingredients, medical backing, and numerous experiences attesting to its effectiveness.

ProArgi-9 Plus is manufactured at Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), a leading manufacturing company with over 37 years of experience. Their 250,000+ square-foot facility is state-of-the-art and features cutting-edge laboratory equipment and highly trained personal, which allows them to consistently manufacture products of the highest-quality. NSP meets or exceeds current government Good Manufacturing Practices and pharmaceutical quality standards. Nature’s Sunshine has had a powerful impact on the industry as demonstrated by several achievements and rewards they have received throughout their operation.

I could continue on about how great NSP is, but instead let me tell you what this means for you. All of Synergy’s products pass through rigorous tests during the production process that determine quality, potency, and purity. Take ProArgi-9 Plus for example. With each new batch, the raw materials that will be used to make the product are tested as soon as they arrive and before they are ever mixed into the formula. The ingredients are blended in exact proportions and order to ensure fidelity with the intended result. The final product is also tested to ensure it was completed properly. In all, ProArgi-9 Plus is checked and tested at least 10 separate times before it ever leaves the warehouse and ships to your door.

This lengthy and meticulous testing process demonstrates just how much scrutiny and care go into the quality assurance of each of our products. We control the entire process, from beginning to end, and that’s why people feel such profound results.

As our Team Members recognize Synergy’s strengths in our people and products and share them with others, Team Members are reaping the fringe benefit of success in their business. Two individuals have discovered recent success and now find themselves among Synergy’s leaders. They are making remarkable strides and positively affecting so many others along the way. Marty Holker is on fire and is rapidly building a worldwide team. He has only been with Synergy a few months but he takes advantage of each moment and is quickly climbing the ranks. Brian Holt truly understands how Synergy can change lives and he constantly shares its products and benefits with others. He is so involved—at almost every event you are bound to find many members of Brian’s growing team. Both these men have reached the rank of Team Director. Join me in congratulating them along with the other advancing Team Members!


Brian Holt
Zion Ventures LP


Seven Seals LP


Warner Maiava
No More Cardio Vascular Disease
Kaelynn Rae Smestad
Brian Kerbs
HR Group Central LLC
Kenneth A. Gomez
Dr. Mark A Snow


Dwayne & Sandy Schmidek
Kaimi Pelekai
Dr. Donald Woods
Ted & Michelle Wilson
Mary Lynn V. Beazer-Marsh
Frank Burksfield


The Meek Team Ryan Hofer
Harold Reber
Chris Osmond
Barbara Borchardt
Cyndy Williams
Accessories West LTD
Javan Kaiama
Candace K Watkins
Holly Cruz
Richard W Woods
Linda M Hewett
Wendy Mccormick
Linda Nelson
True Esthetics
Dave Gibb
Robert Hilke Jr
James Judkins
Nanci Toltschin Pascoe
Darwin & Carolyn Roush
100 K Team Inc
Elise Marsh
Dora J Jones
Como Investments
Pat Erdmann
Robert S Smith
Angelo S. And Arlene Cici
Joanne Croteau
Hyland Enterprises
Diana Lucas
Shellrich Management, LLC


Gail Larson
Blaine K Podaima
Rod Engar
Tara Anderson
Marilyn Schwitzer
Lajuana G Hand
Matthew C Price
Esther Hofer
Robert R Nicoll
Denise Abda
Shannon L. Ulrich
Mary Ann Keune
A-Nu-U Alternative Wellness USA LLC
Ann Peterson
Ray And Marilyn Christensen
Carol Zemp
Margaret Judkins
Neil W Ostler
Becky Boyd
Njj Global Enterprises
Cathy Cunningham
Susan J. Nichols
Ralph Carini
Gary R. Lawyer
Jodal Vannoy
Ronald Williams
Chi 4 Life
Karin Quarrie
Ila Ruckaber
Shawna Hofer
Darius Hofer
Deanna Bigler
Lesly A Cochrane
Jordan Mossman
Waianae Meat Market
Melissa Timario
David Vore
Jason K. Torres
Cheryl A Penrose
Eli Hofer
Leonard Hofer
Edward Entz

I wish you could sit in my place and see what I see. I wish you could truly grasp the magnitude of what we are doing. Synergy is a uniquely strong company that will not be matched, and we are growing at an unbelievable rate. I say that every month but every month it just gets better. Focus on Synergy’s strengths by supporting new Team Members and building leaders and by sharing our high-quality products and you will see similar growth in your own business. Show your support at the Synergy Recognition Evening on April 23. I’ll see you there!

All the best,

Stewart Rutter
Vice-President of Sales


Announcing the 2010 Synergy Summit

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Synergy’s annual summits are the highlight of each year. They are a chance for Team Members from around the world to gather together and to share in the excitement of Synergy WorldWide. These events are incredibly important and inspiring, so we wanted to give you ample time to plan ahead to join us for our next Summit event.

Announcing the 2010 Synergy WorldWide Summit— October 22-23, 2010!

The Summit will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Marriott Downtown (across from the Salt Palace). This event will put you face to face with Synergy Executives and top leaders and give you a chance to gain amazing insight from those who have already found success.

A highlight of the weekend will be the Recognition Evening where you will be honored for your achievements within the company. Be sure to pre-register to ensure that your name is called in recognition of all you have accomplished.

Pre-registration begins today. If you register before April 30, you will get 50% off the onsite registration plus a free guest entry to the Recognition Evening. Additionally, the first 400 people to register will receive the premium registration bag–a Synergy roller laptop bag. Take advantage of these perks and enroll today!

Preliminary Agenda:*

8:00 am-12:00 pm: Tour 1
8:20 am-12:20 pm: Tour 2
2:00-5:00 pm: General Session I
7:00-10:00 pm: Recognition Evening


9:00 am-12:00 pm: Break outs
2:00-5:00 pm: General Session II


Vietnam Annoucement

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We are pleased to announce that Synergy has secured our MLM license in Vietnam. Obtaining this license is the last major obstacle to our opening this exciting market. With the license now in-hand, we will make final preparations to begin accepting applications and selling product.

Next week (a specific date to be announced soon) we will begin accepting team member applications and signing contracts. We will also accept stockist agreements for those people who meet the stockist criteria and who are interested in becoming stockists. We will select a handful of stockists to participate in the opening. During the next two weeks, we will work to get inventory sent to them, and ensure that we are ready for the launch the following week (a specific date to be announced soon).

For the next few days, we will distribute a How to Do Business document for Vietnam, team member applications, and other forms and information to help future team members to get ready for the opening.


Feeling Stressed?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Here are ten ways to manage stress:
1. Rehearse for stressful events by visualizing the situation or practicing what you will say.
2. Exercise regularly to relax your muscles and your mind, and improve your well-being.
3. Spend 15-20 minutes every day engaged in an activity you find relaxing.
4. Schedule difficult work for when you’re rested and alert.
5. Help others; it can keep you from blowing your own problems out of proportion.
6. Talk issues out with your personal support system of family, friends or a mental health counselor;
7. Wind down your day by engaging in calming activities 2-3 hours before bedtime.
8. Relax your body through gentle stretching and deep breathing.
9. Accept that you may not be able to control a situation, but you can change your reaction to it.
10. Avoid rushing. Leave 10 minutes earlier.


Friend of Synergy Jordan Romero tries to be the youngest to climb Everest

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

At age 13, Jordan Romero plans to begin a summit to the top of Mt. Everest. If he succeeds, he will be the youngest person to ever summit the world’s highest mountain.

Three years ago, he became the youngest American to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. He’s steadily checked off four of the tallest peaks since then, including Alaska’s Mount McKinley, which many climbers consider to be a more technical climb than Everest.

Jordan regularly takes ProArgi-9 Plus which helps him accomplish this incredible feat. “My dad knows all the science of this stuff, but ProArgi-9 Plus every day in the mountains made me feel strong and brave,” Jordan recalled. “There were people all around us sick from altitude and my dad said, ‘Trust me, this will help you get to the top.’ And he was right! I never had one problem with altitude sickness, which is amazing at 23,000 feet.”

Jordan was recently featured in an Associated Press article published on NBC Sports. Click here to read the article.


Friday Fun Read - What is your skin type?

Friday, April 02, 2010

Synergy’s skin care lines (Elemence and TriAction) have products for a variety of skin types. But how do you know which is best for you? Read this article to find out your skin type:

There are five basic skin care types: Oily, combination, sensitive, dry and sun-damaged. Your skin type is determined by how much — or how little — oil your skin produces. Genes, diet, stress level, medication and even your skincare regimen all determine how much oil your skin produces.

Rona Berg, in her book, “Beauty the New Basics,” details the five different skin types. Here’s how to tell what skin type you have.

Berg suggests you take the “skin test.” Wash your face, pat it dry, then take a few pieces of rice paper or lens-cleaning tissue paper and press on different spots on your face. If your skin is oily, the paper will stick, pick up oily spots and become translucent. If the paper doesn’t stick or pick up any oily spots, your skin is dry. If it sticks in your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then you have combination (or normal) skin. About 70 percent of women have combination skin.
Here are the five different skin types and their characteristics.
Type 1: Oily Oily skin tends to shiny with enlarged pores, and is prone to blackheads and blemishes. You might experience some tightness.

Type 2: Combination/normal This skin type has medium pores, a smooth and even texture, good circulation, healthy color, may tend toward dryness on the cheeks while being oily in the t-zone.

Type 3: Sensitive Sensitive skin tends to be thin, delicate with fine pores. It flushes easily, is prone to broken capillaries, is frequently allergic and can be rashy.

Type 4: Dry Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing. You have a tendency towards fine wrinkles, flaking and red patches. In women of color, skin may appear ashy or dull from dead skin buildup.

Type 5: Aging or sun-damaged This skin also feels tight with visible wrinkles, slack skin tone — especially around the cheeks and jawline — with leathery texture and broken capillaries.

Article: What Type of Skin Do You Have?
Find out the difference between oily, normal, dry skin
By Julyne Derrick, Guide


Synergy Indonesia Tour 2010

Friday, April 02, 2010

Recently, Double Presidential Executive Mark Comer took his annual trip to the greater Indonesian market. This year, Mark brought Synergy Executive Vice President of Marketing Tyler Rippy, as well as Emerald Executive Scott Brumfield with him on the tour. Tyler, Scott, and Mark joined with General Manager Erwin Dumalang and Presidential Executive William Francis as they officially introduced the Mistica product to Indonesia through press conferences and Success Seminars held in each of four cities — Jakarta, Surabaya, Manado and Bali.

Highlights of the tour include:

* Excitement over finally being able to have Mistica as part of the product offerings available in the Indonesian market.

* Attendance at each Success Seminar and at other activities was strong in each city, including the opportunities for service as well as the Rock and Roll shows.

* The visit of three orphanages supported by local Synergy membership and 5 Star Legacy Foundation. A guitar raffle was held at meetings and concert locations in each city that provided donations totaling close to $3,000 which was divided between the three orphanages.

Additional photos and video of the trip can be found here:


Honoring Synergy

Friday, April 02, 2010

Our Synergy team continues to grow in exponential proportions. As we grow, we are becoming more than just a team. We are a family, working together in a common goal to better people’s lives, and along the way we are sharing challenges, and more importantly sharing joys. It is an honor to have you as part of our Synergy family and we hope that you consider it an honor to be a Synergy Team Member.

With that honor comes responsibility. You are connecting with people and helping change lives. You are the face of Synergy and each of you brings positive characteristics and strengths to the family that contribute to the success of the entire company. The reputation and success of this company rest on the shoulders of each of you, our dedicated Team Members. Together we are creating an honorable and distinguished company.

The beauty of network marketing is that each person benefits on an individual basis and as a result of the group—we are helping and building each other. Because of that, it is important to keep in mind that Synergy has policies in place that “govern the manner in which a Team Member does business with Synergy, other Team Members, and customers,” and that help us maintain a company of integrity. Specifically, I would like to highlight a few policies that relate to enrollment, product sales, and internet marketing. I invite you to review them and reflect on how you are following these policies and how they affect Synergy as a whole. These policies, and all other policies, are very important to us. At times we are required to take action if they are violated so that we can protect the good of all the Synergy Team Members.

Thank you for being a part of this great company and thank you for your continued efforts to honor your responsibility to the entire Synergy family.


Stewart Rutter
Vice President of Sales


3.1. Application: A person may become a Synergy Team Member by completing, obtaining all signatures, and returning a completed Membership Application, which includes the activation order for one (1) or three (3) Tracking Centers, all required attachment documentation, and the membership fee.

6.1. Customer Sales: Selling product to customers is the foundation to being a Synergy Team Member. Team Members have the ability to sell Synergy products they have purchased directly to their own customers. It is for the Team Member to determine if they will sell their products at wholesale price or at a retail markup. A Synergy Team Member may not sell products for less than the individual product wholesale price.

Example: You can sell one ProArgi9+ for the individual price of $69 per container. You can sell a three pack of ProArgi9+ for the three pack price of $162. You CANNOT however, purchase a bulk pack of ProArgi9+ and then sell them individually below the $69 individual purchase price.

11.1. Advertising: Synergy encourages Team Members to promote Synergy’s products and marketing opportunities pursuant to appropriate guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines can result in damage to the reputation of Synergy and its products and can trigger undesirable publicity and possible legal action.
When advertising Synergy products, a Team Member should take special care that they operate and clearly designate their business as independent from Synergy. Thus, Team Members should identify themselves in the following format: “John/Jane Doe, Synergy WorldWide Independent Distributor.” Team Members must use Synergy’s “Independent Distributor” logo anytime they are referring to their Synergy business. This logo may only be used with Synergy products and not with any competitor’s products or services.
When advertising Synergy products, Team Members may not make inappropriate claims about the products. An example of an inappropriate claim would be: “Synergy’s Germanium Plus will help cure cancer.” Instead, one may discuss the product as it relates to the system or organ of a person’s body. An example of a lawful statement would be: “Synergy’s Germanium Plus may nutritionally support or aid the immune system.”
11.15. Internet Use: We strongly encourage the use of our “MySynergy” replicated websites; however, Team Members may use the internet to promote the Synergy opportunity and products by creating a personal website.
The website may not use any Synergy name(s), trademarks, logo(s), or product name(s), or any name that otherwise does comply with these Policies and Procedures, in the URL address or domain name.
The website may not give to any users the impression or any reason to believe that they have reached the Synergy WorldWide Website. The website must state clearly and conspicuously that it is owned and operated by an independent distributor of Synergy and that Synergy is not liable for any statement, omission, or misrepresentation in the website.
Any time the words “Synergy WorldWide” or “Synergy” are used as a title on the Website, they must be preceded by the words “Independent Distributor” to read “Independent Distributor of Synergy WorldWide” or “Independent Distributor of Synergy.” All Team Members who want to use a Synergy logo must use Synergy’s Independent Distributor logo, not Synergy’s Corporate logo. A Team Member must use the Synergy Independent Distributor logo on every page of their website. This logo can be downloaded from Business Manager.


Exciting April Promotion

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring brings thoughts of fresh fruits, beautiful days, and more healthy living. Tap into spring fever by taking home some delicious, raspberry flavored SyneMax, and fill your body with healthy nutrition.

SyneMax is a liquid vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, and trace mineral supplement brimming with fulvic acids. Simply put, SyneMax is filled with nutritional power in a highly-bioavailable form.

Organic fulvic acids have the power to
• Greatly enhance the bioavailability of important trace minerals and vitamins,
• Modify the damage of toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals,
• Increase the activity of a multitude of enzymes,
• Re-charge the body’s individual cells and bio-systems, and
• Balance the body’s bioelectrical system.

Synergy’s SyneMax is a healthy mineral and vitamin-rich supplement that offers you the many benefits of fulvic acid in a delicious liquid drink. During the month of April, you can take advantage of SyneMax’s amazing benefits through a special offer: anyone on Autoship Elite (USA and Canada) can purchase two SyneMax for $25 with 16 CV.* That’s 55% off the regular price! Call Customer Service at 801-431-7660 to order yours today and take advantage of this great offer.

SU70474 SyneMax Autoshship Plus Promotion

*Above and beyond Autoship orders. Promotion available during April while supplies last.