May Promo: SLMsmart Points for Cancun

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

This month, add big points to your Top 50 Challenge totals simply by using the SLMsmart 90 day program to look and feel your best.
  •  Earn 1000 Points and get on a smarter track to manage your weight:
    • Purchase the SLMsmart Activation Pack ($415/300CV) before May 31.
    • Complete the SLMsmart 90 day program
    • Send a "Before & After" photo to Note that your photos will never be published without your specific permission.
  • Earn an Additional 500 Points for each customer or newly sponsored Team Member that:
    • Completes the SLMsmart 90 day program
    • Sends in their "Before & After" photo to
    • These 500 points can be earned throughout the year! Never stop inviting others to give SLMsmart a try.
  • Points add up to get you prizes, trips, and a sunny Cancun vacation.

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