SLMsmart Featured Product: Health Shake

The delicious, nutrition-rich meal replacement shake that helps you feel great while losing weight. Have you tried a glass yet? Those that have will tell you: this is no boring weight-loss drink. It tastes fantastic, it's filled with time-release protein, and has enough healthy substance to easily keep you going until your next meal.

Why Replace a Meal?
Convenience. Preparing a daily menu filled with perfectly planned meals designed to help you lose weight can be challenging and time consuming. Save yourself time and effort by replacing up to two of those meals with a great tasting meal that takes seconds to prepare. Just scoop and stir. Unlike other convenience-meals, Health Shake can help you reach your weight-management goals.

What is "Time-Released Protein?"
The goal is to keep a more constant supply of protein in the body, feeding the muscles and helping you feel full. Featuring three protein sources, whey, soy and casein, the Health Shake blend has been formulated to assure a true time-release. This can promote satiety for up to four hours. The amino acids from whey protein appear in the blood almost immediately after consumption. Those from soy protein are next, as soy protein has been shown to be a “medium-release” facilitating longer term distribution of the amino acids. The amino acids from casein appear last.

What Kind of Meal Does it Replace?
You can drink Health Shake in place of any of your daily meals, up to two meals per day. Too busy to prepare a healthy breakfast? Drink a glass of Health Shake. No time for nutritious dinner? Drink a glass of Health Shake.

The Vitamin-Mineral Blend in Health Shake provides more than enough nutrition to replace a daily serving of protein, vegetables and whole grains. If you mix your Health Shake into milk, you'll get a daily serving of dairy as well. If you'd like, try blending in a banana, a handful of berries, or your favorite fruit. Following the SLMsmart Essential Foods Plan is easier than ever with Health Shake.

Want more info?
Check out the "Resources" tab to access the Health Shake Fact Sheet, including FAQs and other information. Within that tab you can also access the SLMsmart System Guide to see how Health Shake works with the rest of the SLMsmart System.



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