Synergy's New Mobile App Available Now

Share presentations and videos conveniently on demand with Synergy's MyTools App. Now, in the palm of your hand, you'll find impressive marketing tools, easy-enrollment steps, and the latest updates from Synergy Central.

This impressive app works on tablets, like the iPad and Kindle Fire. It also works across Apple and Android smartphone platforms to give you a powerful set of tools that fit easily into your pocket.

How to Get the App

The first step is to have your very own MySynergy website. For those that have not yet registered for one, login to Pulse and select "MySynergy" from the top menu, then "Access Your MySynergy Website." For more info about MySynergy websites, click here.

Once you have your own MySynergy site, you'll be able to download and use this powerful new app for free! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Synergy Pulse account
  2. Select "" (must be an active subscriber to access app data)
  3. Select "My Profile" under the "My Profile" tab (upper right hand corner)
  4. Select "Mobile Access Code" (bottom left hand corner)
  5. Copy the "Username" and "Access code"
  6. Select the links to your device type
  7. Download the My Tools Presenter App for your device type
  8. Enter the Username and Access Code
  9. Enjoy the new App!



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