Kellie Turley, a SLMsmart Superstar

One of SLMsmart’s first superstars, Kellie Turley of Mesa, Arizona is a smiling, motivated Team Member that is happy to share her story. Her contagious enthusiasm helps her make friends easily, and her passion for wellness drove her to begin a relationship with Synergy seven years ago.

Kellie has fought a difficult battle throughout her life, struggling to manage her weight and, at the same time, preserve her muscle (she’s an active crossfit enthusiast who values her strength). She’s tried deprivation diets and calorie-prohibitive programs, all of which ended with limited long-term results and frustrating plateaus.

As Synergy prepared to launch SLMsmart, Kellie was asked to participate in the testimonial group. After only one month, she walked onto the Business Builder Conference stage several pounds lighter and excited to keep going. The crowd cheered, congratulating her for her success so far.

Kellie spent a few minutes detailing her experience so far with SLMsmart, and her passion for the future with Synergy overall:

Synergy WorldWide: What has been your favorite part of the SLMsmart program so far?
Kellie Turley: Number one is the Body Cleanse. One thing I’ve known for my whole life is that you have to clean out your body, clean out the toxins in order to lose weight. This system’s Body Cleanse is excellent. I’ve done a lot of different cleanses in my life and this one is so simple and easy to use and it absolutely works.

Here’s the other part: I’ve been overweight for most of my childhood and adult life. Looking for a program that I could make a lifestyle has been a quest. One of the downfalls of being on certain types of a diets is low calories, and feeling hungry and deprived. One of the things I have absolutely loved with this program is that I don’t ever feel hungry or deprived. The requirement to eat proteins, vegetables, fruit and grains has helped so much. It makes it feel like I am not on a diet. I am on a health plan that I can use the rest of my life.

SWW: You’ve been on the program for two months now. How much have you lost so far?
KT: Losing weight has been a huge challenge for me, but since I've been on the program I've lost 10 pounds. For me, that is a great big deal. When I started SLMsmart, I was on a plateau and I was stuck. To start seeing the numbers move down again was very exciting to me. The best, most exciting part is that I’m on a program where I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I don’t feel deprived.

SWW: I’ve seen a great video of you doing some impressive lifting. Care to explain?
KT: I have loved to exercise. It’s been a part of my entire life, but I tend to get bored quickly. The lift was 275 pounds, and it was my first personal record at my new body weight. One of the reasons it was exciting for me that day is because 275 pounds is what I used to weigh. It’s what I weighed for many years of my life. But now I’m down so much in weight that when I picked the dead weight up I was thinking “holy cow, I used to weigh this much, but now I’m lighter and can still pick this up.” That was exciting.

SWW: Can you tell me about your history with Synergy?
KT: I've been with Synergy for, gosh, it’ll be seven years this year. And you know, with Synergy, you kind of create a family. I feel like the leaders of our company, Dan Higginson, Dianne Leavitt, Rudy and Paul, Dane Iorg… all these guys, I feel like I’m growing up around them. They believe in me, they are supporting me in moving forward in my life and in my Synergy business. Dianne and I are both on the SLMsmart program, and Dianne has changed so much. Dianne is like "wow."

SWW: Any advice for someone new to SLMsmart?
KT: Be patient with yourself. Follow the program as it’s laid out. Use the journal to see and keep track of what you are doing, to make sure you eat the enough of the right foods.

SWW: Anything else?
KT: It’s worth it. Each person is worth it. To be healthy, to be fit, to feel good, it’s worth the effort and the time.

Big thanks to Kellie. We are excited about her progress so far. Keep up the good work!



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