New Team Manager - Lee Edwards

Three and a half years ago, Lee Edwards signed on with Synergy WorldWide. He quickly gained a deep appreciation for the products as they improved the health of his family. However, the drive to truly build a profitable business didn't come until later, after good friends gave him the encouragement and the "challenge" to work, build and succeed.

Today, with the help of his wife Crystal, Lee is meeting that challenge. He just advanced to become North America's newest Team Manager. His name is currently listed very high on Top 50 Challenge leaderboards, which means he's well on his way to a Cancun vacation. Last month, he was one of Synergy's top 10 point earners. According to Lee, this is just the beginning. He plans to continue exercising his incredible work ethic for the good of his family and their future.

In hopes of learning the secrets to his momentum and success, we stole a moment of his time earlier this afternoon for a brief interview. He happily answered our questions and told us his story:

Synergy WorldWide: How were you first introduced to Synergy?
Lee Edwards: I was introduced by Steven Seely. He's a neighbor of mine, a good friend. He caught me in my front yard. He knew that I had done network marketing, and he pulled over and he said “Lee, I’m coming over tonight and I’m going to introduce you to Synergy and you’re going to sit down, shut up and do it.” 

SWW: What were you doing for work at the time?
LE: I'm a plumber by trade. I've been a Master Plumber with my current company for over 17 years.

SWW: That's good, hard work. You have established a reputation within Synergy for being a very hard worker. How have you developed this kind of work ethic?
LE: Well, watching Steve Seely and having him mentor me is huge. He teaches me the proper way of doing it. Also, I was brought up to work. My parents taught me the work ethic. They taught me that you don’t get anywhere in life without putting effort into it. You get paid back what you put into it.

SWW: It's also hard to know you without seeing your dedication to your wife and five children. How has your relationship with Synergy affected your family?
LE: My wife loves the science behind the products. They actually helped her out tremendously throughout her pregnancies. And even our children, it helped all of them with different ailments that they've had.

When I got involved with Synergy it was nice because I felt a difference in myself the moment I took the products. That was great, but the business-aspect didn't yet really excite me. I enjoyed getting some residual income but I was very comfortable in my plumbing profession, so it didn't become a priority. After three years of dabbling in this, and getting a small residual income, I decided that I need to step up and make one go away. I needed to retire from one or the other.

A good friend of mine, Mr. William Black, told me that if I’m going to prove whether network marketing works or not I can't do it on 5 hours a week. He said “You might as well walk away and quit. Save yourself the pain.” That kind of irritated me because, if you want me to accomplish something, you challenge me.

So, I’ve taken the challenge of working 20 hours a week [to build my business], and it’s been difficult, but the reason I’ve been able to accomplish it is, number one, an extremely amazing, understanding wife. I have five children at home but we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can see it, we can feel  it.

SWW: What drives you toward that "light?"
LE: My “why” is what has driven me. My "why" is big enough to overcome all the pains of life to put in an additional 20 hours a week toward my dream. My dream is to see my children go to school and to be home when they come home. To have that in my life. I have a great family and great life, but I’m wanting more out of it.

SWW: How do you feel about your recent advancement to Team Manager?
LE: Love it. It’s been a goal of mine for a couple years. I always wanted to go the “Team Manager Academy,”  in fact I was disappointed that this year you've called it “Leadership Academy” because my sights were set on "Team Manager Academy!"  I did achieve what I was after. My goal is to continue to grow from there. Completely stoked. The bonus was awesome.

I'm loving the Elite Track that Synergy has offered this year. I'm going to take full advantage of the bonuses that they are allowing.

SWW: Good to hear you are benefiting from this year's Elite Track promotion. You've also been doing very well with our other 2013 promotion, the Top 50 Challenge. What has been your method for racking up the points?
LE: Sponsoring. Sponsoring is the only way to do it.

The dream that I have is to take my wife out and reward her for all the time that she’s lost with me during the time of working my business. I can’t think of a better way to reward her than an all expense paid vacation in Cancun on Synergy’s dime. To go with no stress, relax and just have an amazing time. I’ve heard of these Synergy retreats. I know what they do there. I can’t wait to be a part of it. I will be a part of it. I will be in the Top 50, no doubt in my mind, because I’ve set that goal and it’s in my sights.

SWW: Any advice you'd give to friends that are new to Synergy?
LE: The best thing that I can tell them is to "burn the boat." Put on your blinders. Don’t get distracted. Don’t think another opportunity will come along and be a ship jumper. Burn your boat. Focus on one business, and if it’s Synergy WorldWide you will not go wrong. Within a year, if you put in the efforts that I've talked about, you will look back and be extremely satisfied and happy with the journey you've been on, and happy with where you’re going.

Study. Learn how to do network marketing. Get with your upline, read some of the key books out there. "Six Figures in Six Months" by Clay Stevens made a huge impact on me... unique books like this you want to read and study so that you can become successful.

Have a belief and the knowledge. Know that network marketing is the true, absolute business model. Get out of the corporate box. Get out of the thinking that you are only as good as the person tells you you are. You are born for greatness, you can be great. Get out of the thinking that you can’t be. Know that network marketing is that last thing you’ll have to do, and Synergy is the last company you will have to be coupled with. They have an incredible, superior product, an incredible executive team, and an incredible compensation plan that rewards you generously for your efforts.

Big thanks to Lee for his time and advice. We look forward to seeing his success continue, and we're rooting for him to keep stacking up enough points to treat Crystal to an amazing Cancun vacation!



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