SLMsmart Featured Product: Body Cleanse

Fast track your weight management efforts by ridding the body of stubborn, unwanted toxins.  
SLMsmart Body Cleanse detoxifies and cleans the body, making it far more able to effectively absorb nutrition and burn fat.

Why Body Cleanse?
Within the body, waste and toxins can build up as a result of poor diet and environment. This toxic build up can interfere with your metabolism and your ability to burn fat and absorb healthy vitamins, minerals and amino acids. For a variety of reasons, periods of weight-loss are the best time to cleanse. This is because you will be able to burn stored body fat more efficiently the cleaner you become. Also, cleansing prevents broken down body fat from contributing to toxic build up.

What's in Body Cleanse?
Body Cleanse is composed of 35 time-honored herbs. These herbs have all been heralded by the German Commission E, the most respected authority on herbal science and gastrointestinal health.

Each Body Cleanse serving contains both cleansing tablets and detox capsules.

Cleansing Tablets
The herbs in these tablets work synergistically to create an environment that supports the health and viability of “healthy” microorganisms, also known as intestinal flora. These formulas help make the intestines inhospitable to foreign invaders, help remove debris and lubricate the colon to optimize intestinal function. Ingredients such as whole leaf aloe vera, black walnut hulls, and Red Clover flowers act as nutritional storehouses, soothing the tissues lining the digestive track and containing biologically active compounds that support the digestion and absorption of food, all the while nourishing the intestinal system.

Detox Capsules
The ingredients in these capsules have been formulated to detoxify and cleanse the body of many common environmental pollutants. The formulation includes Cascara sagrada— or sacred bark, which has been used by cultures around the world as a nutritional support for proper waste elimination. Cascara sagrada acts as an herbal laxative, influences intestinal contraction and supports a clean, healthy colon. The detox capsules also include other strong, purgative herbs and protective, gentle and soothing herbs to enhance elimination, increase production of digestive enzymes and soothe the digestive tract.

How to use Body Cleanse
Take two packets with food daily; one packet with morning meal and one packet with evening meal. This should be done for seven days in a row. The SLMsmart 90 day weight loss program recommends one 7-day cycle of Body Cleanse at the start of every 30 days.

Though it has been formulated with naturally-gentle herbs, Body Cleanse effectively helps your body remove waste and toxins. Therefore, you may find yourself making more frequent visits to the bathroom. Those who become too uncomfortable with these effects may choose to limit their intake to one packet per day. However, for best results you will want to stick to the 2-packet recommendation.

The SLMsmart Body Cleanse Advantage
Many cleanse routines cause a large amount of interference to daily life. Some are based on fasts or periods of starvation. In many cases, people have tried cleanses based on foul-tasting mixtures and strange concoctions that are literally hard to swallow. Many cleanses contain foreign chemicals, or ingredients with unproven results. Some cleanses can even be harmful to the body. SLMsmart Body Cleanse, on the other hand, is superior in the following ways:
  • SLMsmart's Body Cleanse can be taken with daily meals of Essential Foods and other SLMsmart products like the delicious, filling SLMsmart Health Shake. No starvation required. 
  • The capsules and tablets are easy to consume and digest, unlike tall glasses of strangely concocted "cleanse beverages" and mixes.
  • The herbs found in Body Cleanse have been recognized and celebrated for years for their natural cleansing effects.
  • Like all Synergy products, Body Cleanse goes through rigorous quality testing to ensure safety, potency and purity. That is the Synergy Quality Guarantee.
Want more info?
Check out the "Resources" tab to access the Body Cleanse Fact Sheet, including FAQs and other information. Within that tab you can also access the SLMsmart System Guide to see how Body Cleanse works with the rest of the SLMsmart System.



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