SLMsmart Featured Product: Calorie Burner

Designed to supercharge your metabolism, SLMsmart Calorie Burner helps your body burn more calories and fat throughout the day.

Calorie Burner and Your Metabolism
It's common to hear the word "metabolism" in reference to weight gain and weight loss. Everyone wants a "good metabolism" and fears a "slow metabolism." Some people are born with a metabolism that functions more efficiently than others. Well, Calorie Burner is here to help your metabolism. In other words, it is designed to help you chemically process or "metabolize" the calories you eat in an efficient way.

How Does it Work?
When you take 2 capsules of Calorie Burner with your meal, you are providing your body with a thermogenic formula designed to speed up the rate at which it burns calories. This is revving up your metabolism to burn more of the calories that you eat. When you burn calories, you get energy. That energy can then be used to burn even more calories, and you then find yourself on an efficient cycle, using food to function rather than storing it as fat.

Use Calorie Burner Earlier in the Day
To avoid sleeplessness, try to avoid taking Calorie Burner with your evening meals. Remember, Calorie Burner is all about providing you and your metabolism with energy, and that energy is best put to use earlier in the day. Enjoy Calorie Burner with lunch and breakfast, and enjoy a good night of sleep after dinner.

Thermogenic Ingredients
"Thermogenic" means "heat producing." Specifically, thermogenic ingredients produce heat for your metabolism, because you can't burn calories without heat. The thermogenic ingredients within Calorie Burner include:

  • Green Tea Leaf extract, which has been linked to good health for centuries. Specifically, Green Tea Leaf extract helps the body thermogenically and may also inhibit fat absorption.
  • Yerba Mate and Guarana Seed Extract — increase thermogenesis by boosting energy expenditure and metabolism. These two herbs provide completely natural sources of caffeine (20 mg per capsule) that the body utilizes for energy and endurance.
  • Garcinia Fruit Rind — the rind of a small, pumpkinshaped fruit native to Southeast Asia, Garcinia cambogia, has a long tradition of safe use. Its active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), may promote feelings of fullness, helping you consume fewer calories during the day.
Each capsule contains 75 mg of sustained release caffeine. When taken as directed, Calorie Burner delivers 300 mg of caffeine per day. This would allow someone who already consumes some caffeine in their diet to continue to do so without reaching the levels considered to be risky or questionable. The sustained release formula provides a longer duration of helpful energy, rather than a jittery, short-lived caffeine buzz.

Want more info?
Check out the "Resources" tab to access the Body Cleanse Fact Sheet, including FAQs and other information. Within that tab you can also access the SLMsmart System Guide to see how Body Cleanse works with the rest of the SLMsmart System.



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