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Thursday, February 24, 2011

If you frequent the Synergy blog, you may have noticed a few recent updates. We've added tabs across the top of the page to help organize things:  Calendar, Photos, Videos, and useful Links to other Synergy-related websites. Below is a brief explanation of each new tab.

The Blog tab is the main page where all communications are posted. This contains all the original content of the blog and will continue to be your source for all Synergy announcements. In the top right corner, where it says, "Subscribe To The Blog", you can submit your email address and follow a few online instructions to receive email updates whenever a new blog post is made.

We're excited to now offer you a way to submit information for your Team Member hosted events. If you'd like to have your next meeting publicized on the blog and communicated to all of North America, simply go to the Calendar tab, click on the "Click here to submit an event" link, fill out the requested information and click the "Submit" button. This information will then be reviewed and posted by our marketing department within two business days.

In addition to Team Member meetings, the Calendar tab also contains Synergy events, conference calls and trainings. Now you can look ahead to find the next Open House, Fast Start Training, Gold Camp, etc.

Did you miss the last Synergy meeting? If so, check out the Photos tab to see albums of the most recent events. We'll continue to add new photo albums as events happen and keep them organized chronologically for easy navigation.

The Videos tab now features all the latest Synergy videos as listed on our YouTube page. If you see a video you want to share, simply click on the second icon from the left under the video playlist, look for the "url" section, click "Copy to Clipboard", and now you're ready to paste the link into any email, Facebook post, or tweet!

The new Links tab gives you access to all our Synergy affiliated websites in one location. Navigate through our international blogs, social media websites, and other Synergy sites from this single tab.

As always, we love hearing your feedback! Let us know what you think of these new additions and tell us about other enhancements you'd like to see by leaving something in the Comments section.

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  1. Thank you for the Blog! Having everything in One location is so helpful and makes it simple to power up new distributors on the basics. And the interconnections with social media sites makes it easy to share with just about anyone! Appreciate all the time and $ that must have gone into our on-line presence recently. Thanks again :)

  2. Thanks Corrine! If at any time you notice something that you think would be beneficial to add to the blog, please provide us with that feedback. We'd like to make this as useful as a tool as possible for team members. Have a great weekend!

  3. This is a great new move to the blog.
    I have always felt that all leaders should post there meeting, training and events on one site.
    It is important that all work together to Synergizeeeeeeee together. Not only our products, but our success and our meeting and working together. We have to many places to go to.
    Let take the best and pull them all together.
    Sharemore Argi 9

  4. Hi Do I need permission to take information off the website to put in my auto-responder when I advertise my Synergy business on-line?

  5. No permission is needed to take information off Synergy's website. In fact, all information you take off our site is compliant with the advertising and marketing policies of the company. Good luck!