2011 European Tour Continued

The European VIP Tour continued with stops to Ireland and Germany. Both locations were left energized and motivated to continue building their Synergy businesses to new heights. We're confident that 2011 will bring even greater success and growth to these growing markets. Here's a brief summary of the events.


The events in Ireland kicked off with an exclusive leader's meeting. This small group of about 20 leaders met with Dan Higginson, founder and CEO, as he shared his vision of the company and strategic direction for Synergy's future. Stewart Rutter, Vice President, then spoke about Synergy's commitment to supporting Ireland and helping them achieve an unprecedented level of success.

Following these presentations we had a round table discussion about sales support materials and the many tools that would soon be coming to Ireland. Tommy Bethards, Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications, launched Synergy Pulse - Synergy's new back office solution. Those in attendance were ecstatic to start using this tool as they realized the boost it would provide to their businesses.

The following day we held an open opportunity meeting where hundreds of Team Members gathered for an opportunity to hear our executive team train on the product, company, timing, trends and compensation plan.We also announced the exciting Las Vegas promotion - which was received with tremendous enthusiasm as Team Members now have the opportunity to have their trip to the 2011 Global Summit paid for by the company. It's safe to say that all in attendance left with a renewed sense of excitement and motivation for the Synergy opportunity.

The final meeting of our Central Europe tour was in Dusseldorf, Germany. If there's one thing you can say about our German Team Members - they know how to energize a room! With a packed house and excitement soaring through the roof, our top leaders and corporate executive team delivered powerful messages that left all in attendance prepared to take their businesses to the next level.

A special highlight of the event was when Lynda Hammons, NSP Vice President of Quality Assurance, spoke about the unmatched quality of Synergy products. Our German Team Members were in awe as they learned the detailed processes and procedures Synergy products go through to ensure only the best of results. This truly was an incredible meeting as everyone left educated, motivated, and enthused about the opportunity they were involved in.



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