Synergy's Internet Reseller Program

Synergy WorldWide is launching its official Internet Reseller Program.

The Internet Reseller Program helps you quickly gain approval for your independently produced website and stay compliant as your business thrives online.

All independently produced Team Member websites must comply with these policies, including those sites now in existence. This includes submitting a completed Internet Reseller Application form and receiving approval in writing from Synergy WorldWide. The link to the Internet Reseller Application form can be found below as well as in the Resources section of Synergy Pulse.

Synergy WorldWide requires all Team Members who currently have an independently produced website to complete this approval process no later than Monday, May 2, 2011. Please note that it will take our staff approximately 10 business days to process your application.

Once your site has been approved, you will receive a custom “Synergy Internet Reseller” logo that you will display on each page of your website. This logo will include a license number unique to you and is a badge of assurance for your customers that your site is in compliance with company rules and regulations. There will be an annual fee of $199 to participate in the Internet Reseller program.

Those with sites created through Synergy WorldWide don’t need to do anything – your sites are already in compliance with these guidelines.

Synergy’s Mega-Match Compensation Plan and Policies & Procedures booklets have now been updated to incorporate the addition of this new program.

In conjunction with this Internet Reseller Program, Synergy WorldWide has also adjusted all retail product pricing to reflect a 20% wholesale mark-up.

Any questions you have regarding this announcement can be directed to Customer Service at (801) 431-7660.

Synergy WorldWide Internet Reseller Program
Synergy WorldWide Internet Reseller Application
Synergy WorldWide Policies & Procedures
Synergy WorldWide Mega-Match Compensation Plan
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