Legacy Retreat 2011 - Fun in the sun

The 2011 Legacy Retreat in Maui, Hawaii is officially underway! Congratulations to all our Team Members who qualified for this incredible week of fun, adventure, and well-deserved relaxation.
On Sunday everyone arrived safe and sound. That evening was the opening luau where Team Members enjoyed some extraordinary native dishes, music, and dance. Many who were there had a chance to strut their hula dancing skills, and from what we heard - a few people must have practiced a little before the trip!

Early Monday morning everyone woke up early to meet in the lobby for the Molekini Snorkel adventure. It was an amazing experience as they were able to witness sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and several dozen humpback whales. According to the tour guide, he hadn't seen so many whales at one time in quite a while. 

It was beautiful weather - the water was calm, warm and clear which paved the way for excellent snorkeling conditions and a chance to explore the beautiful coral reef and colorful fish that lived in this underwater marine sanctuary.

It was an incredible first day that ended with a picturesque sunset on the beach!



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