2011 European Tour Underway

The European VIP Tour is officially underway. Top Team Leaders and Synergy Executives are making stops throughout Europe as they share their passion and vision for Synergy WorldWide. In 2010, much like North America, Europe exploded with success and we're confident that 2011 will be another record breaking year for this expanding market. Below is a brief update on the two meetings that have been held so far. 

The meeting in Austria began with hundreds of Team Members filing into the room - scrambling to get the best seats. The room was full of energy in anticipation of the day's events. The meeting opened with some of Synergy's top leaders sharing their passion and individual stories as they pertained to the company. 

Synergy's Vice President of North America and Europe, Stewart Rutter, delivered a powerful presentation on Synergy's positioning in the industry today. He spoke of the five core competencies and helped our Austrian Team Members better realize the power behind the Synergy opportunity and products. He then ended his presentation with the announcement of the Las Vegas Promotion for all of Europe - which was received with tremendous excitement.

All Team Members present were treated to a delicious catered lunch, giveaways, and recognition. The day concluded as two local leaders delivered motivational messages that left the audience ecstatic for the year ahead. Hakan Cetin, Pearl Executive spoke about his recent trip to Maui for the Legacy Retreat and taught the importance of hard work and self confidence. William Martin, Presidential Executive wrapped up the session with an energetic presentation about his journey to Presidential Executive.

United Kingdom
Upon arriving in the UK on Monday, February 21, Synergy's corporate representatives and top leaders gathered for some one-on-one time to discuss business strategies for 2011. This was followed by a leader's dinner where everyone was able to get better acquainted.

The following day began with a leader's meeting at 4:00 PM where sales tools, online training support systems, and the new Synergy Pulse were launched - all of which were received with enthusiasm and great anticipation for their implementation.

Later that night there was an open meeting where local leaders shared their stories, passion, and optimism for the future. Just like in Austria, Stewart Rutter announced the launch of the Las Vegas Promotion which allows European Team Members to have their trip paid for to the 2011 Global Summit in September. 

A huge thanks to all our Team Members who attended these two meetings. We look forward to many more great things to come from Austria and the UK. 

Next stop - Ireland and then we're off to Germany!  



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