American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month and as members of Synergy WorldWide we stand united in an effort to promote cardiovascular health.

According to The World Health Organization, an estimated 17.1 million people die from cardiovascular disease each year. Of these deaths, an estimated 12.9 million are due to coronary heart disease and stroke.
The American Heart Association states that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women, taking the life of 1 in 3 women each year. This means that mothers, sisters, and friends are dying at the rate of one per minute because they don’t know what you know: heart disease kills.

As team members and employees of Synergy WorldWide we are committed to sharing our message of hope with others. Our products are of the highest quality on the market and work together to support an improved state of cardiovascular health.

Throughout February we will make a concerted effort to enhance our focus on the mission of fighting heart disease. We invite you to join Synergy WorldWide and share our message and our products with those close to you. Whether it’s with a family member, a distant friend, or a stranger at the gas station – opening your mouth today could help save a life tomorrow.

Watch for frequent blog posts on heart health awareness and be sure to come to our Open House this Friday, February 11 to take part in an exclusive ProArgi-9 Plus promotion geared towards helping a loved one.



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