SLMsmart and Exercise

The SLMsmart weight management system is based on 3 core components:

Watch the video below as Dr. Stacey Bell reminds us why Exercise is an important part of the SLMsmart System.

The Exercise Plan

30 Minutes Per Day,
5 Days Per Week.

If your goal is to slim, lose or maintain a healthy weight, don't feel pressured to run a marathon, lift a thousand pounds or swim across the English Channel. Instead, focus on being out of your chair and moving for 2% of your day. That's it, one half hour of physical activity.

As your health and results progress feel free to step up the intensity little by little, or try a new activity. Have fun with it! Many, many benefits have been attributed to regular exercise, and we don't want you to miss out on a single one.
For more information about exercise and the SLMsmart System, visit the SLMsmart website.

Have a good time!



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