Team Member Spotlight: Pamela Krajnik

Pamela Krajnik is a name you might recognize if you often check the Top 50 Challenge Leaderboards. It's the name of a fantastic Synergy leader from Nampa, Idaho, and it's a name you'll probably be hearing more and more. As an active Synergy Team Member of only 22 months, Pamela has been experiencing great momentum in 2013 and couldn't be happier about it.

At the time of this writing, Pamela Krajnik is in 8th place overall in the Top 50 Challenge. She's well on her way to Cancun, and is definitely planning on attending the Global Summit in Korea with cash from Synergy in her pocket. She has advanced to the rank of Team Leader and set the higher ranks in her sights.

We caught up with her just days after she returned home from Leadership Academy, and just days before she helped to host a mini Gold Camp (a recap of which will be posted on our blog in the near future). Needless to say, Mrs. Krajnik a busy lady, but she kindly made time to tell us a few things about her success, her plans, and her results-earning mindset.

Why she's headed to the Global Summit in Korea:

"I had been involved in Synergy for just two weeks when I went to my first Global Summit in Las Vegas two years ago. That was a huge, big deal for me. I was just playing around with Synergy before then, just kind of thinking about it. Well, it didn't take too long till I saw the potential of all this. 

I can’t wait to go back and do it again, and this time in a different country, in Korea. How wonderful an  opportunity. I just thought “I gotta go!” I intend to be there. Again, when you look at what our company is doing, to offer us 2500 or even 500 dollars… sometimes that 500 dollars makes all the difference. We’re getting help to get to go to an international convention. I am very excited about that."

How she feels about being a repeat winner of the Monthly Top 10 prizes:

"I have some lovely gifts now and I didn't realize how much I would enjoy them! Ipods and kindle fires,oh my goodness. How did I live without these before?"

How she's managed to earn so many points on the Top 50 Challenge, and her advice for others to do the same:

"Well, it isn't luck. It is not that. It is a strategy. It is developing a plan, making your list of names, consistently talking to those people, consistently being out there. Know in your mind 'what do I need to do today? This week? This month? To be where I want to be at the end of this month.' Then it all begins to add up. 

It’s a good competition because we’re just cheering each other on, all the way up the ladder! Everyone I see on the way up just says 'Go! Go! Keep going!'"

Gary Krajnik and Pamela at the Leadership Academy
How she felt about qualifying for and attending the 2013 Leadership Academy

"This was the most wonderful event that I've attended so far. Every single event that Synergy has put on has been totally fabulous… just stellar, but this one took the prize. It was a beautiful setting, it was a group of people that developed a closeness. Truly when we call it 'family' we mean that. It is family. It doesn't get any better.  What a privilege. What a privilege."

Favorite moment of Leadership Academy:

"I loved hearing the individual stories of people as we went around and introduced ourselves. You really got to take a moment and get to know what brought that person to Synergy, what their background is, some of the special things that have happened. So many very strong, emotional moments there, and there again it created a family tie. Those were my favorite moments. To see the big guys melting down, that’s way cool."

Advice to hopeful, future Leadership Academy attendees:

"I really believe the first thing is to get your personal attitude, your approach to your business totally in line with where you want to go. I tell many different people that if you’re not into the mode of really growing and becoming better yourself, you've taken on the wrong business. This is really a personal improvement program, it’s just disguised as a business opportunity.

I constantly compare myself to other people I admire in this business, and if I’m slowing down I think 'I wonder what that person would be doing today. I wonder what’s going through their minds. That’s probably what I ought to get out there and do too.'"

"Anything else you'd like to say?":

"I love our company. I love our corporate people that are there to help us all along the way. I appreciate the fact that we have uplines that are really there for us, that are with us all the way.

My encouragement to people is: become totally committed to what you want to accomplish. We often underestimated what we can do in a year. Set your sights out there! Go for what can be there for you in a years time, in two years, in three years. I’m convinced we can do it, we can get there."

Synergy WorldWide expresses our sincere thanks to Pamela for sharing these thoughts with all of us. We hope her momentum and example will continue to inspire other members of the Synergy family, and that she continues to reap the rewards of her hard work and commitment.



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