June Top 50 Challenge Monthly Winners

Huge Congratulations to Impact Health Marketing for coming in at #1! Their hard work each month is keeping them stocked with prizes for sure! Another big congratulations to Ed Wertz for coming in at #2 for June. We hope these folks, along with the rest of our Monthly Top 10 Winners enjoy their prizes and keep up the good work!

Take a look at the rest of the Top 10 and the points they earned last month:

June Top 10

Rank Name Points
1 Impact Health Marketing 6,516 iPad Mini
2 Ed Wertz 5,057 iPad Mini
3 Mylo Berstad 4,696 Kindle Fire
4 Steve & Roxanne Seely 4,232 Kindle Fire
5 Natalie Johnston 3,419 Synergy Luggage
6 Scott Healey 3,218 Synergy Luggage
7 Sandra Kerner 2,908 iPod Nano
8 Cliff & Janice Rosang 2,813 iPod Nano
9 Lee & Crystal Edwards 2,767 Synergy Backpack, SLMsmart Health Shake
10 Cynthia J. Wiggins 2,757 Synergy Backpack, SLMsmart Health Shake

Will you be on the June Top 10 Winners List? Each month is a clean slate. Will Impact Health Marketing be dethroned? Will you take home the prizes along with your commissions, bonuses and success?

Remember, as you accumulate points throughout the year, the cumulative Top 50 can qualify for a Cancun vacation and travel to Synergy's Global Summit in Korea. Click here to learn all about Synergy's Top 50 Challenge. 

See if you've made the list of the current Cumulative Top 50 >>



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