Dan Austin & Howard Hannemann: MO, IL, IN, MA

This week, Synergy Medical and Scientific Advisory Board member Dan Austin will be joined by Howard Hannemann for an important 4-State tour.

Come meet the Chief Cardiac Care Nurse in Charge of the High Desert Heart Institute, Dan Austin, and learn how the power of ProArgi-9+ can affect your health. Then, hear from Howard Hannemann, Director of Sales, as he introduces the new SLMsmart Weight Loss and Management System and explains the Synergy Advantage.

STOP #1: Buffalo, MO. Tues., July 23. 7:30 PM
STOP #2: Tampico, IL. Wed., July 24. 7:30 PM
STOP #3: Shipshewana, IN. Thurs., July 25. 7:30 PM
STOP #4: Cape Cod, MA. Fri., July 26.  6:00 PM

ALSO: Synergy Team Members in Massachusettes will want to join Howard Hannemann, Dan Austin, Presidential Executive Dane Iorg, and Pearl Executive Corrine Brandi for a special Fast Start Corporate Training in Cape Cod on Saturday, July 27 from 8 AM to 1 PM.

For more details, including venue locations, times and more, view the Synergy North America Calendar.



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