The SLMsmart Pilot Group Winners

Just before Synergy debuted the SLMsmart System at the 2013 Business Builder Conference, a small group of Team Members were chosen to give it a try. These were Team Members who had expressed a desire to better manage their weight and were willing to share the stories of their progress. The Team Members in this group (referred to as our "Pilot Group") were given 90 days to develop an opinion on the new products.

Pilot Group Results

Synergy is happy to report that the results from the pilot group were very positive. Dr. Stacey Bell was pleased to see numbers right on track with what she knows to be healthy weight loss. The results were well above industry averages, and those who stuck to the system are on track for not just weight-loss, but maintainable weight-loss.
  • The average weight loss for the Pilot Group was 8% of starting weight, thereby meeting the goal of loss between 5 and 10%. Remember, this is the rate of weight loss that has been proven to be optimal for health and long-term maintenance.
  • Over 75% of the participants who completed the program lost over 5% of their starting weight.
  • All participants held favorable opinions of the products and a belief that this system, when followed, does deliver a positive transformation.

Pilot Group Grand Prize Drawing Winner

The name of every participant who completed the 90 day program was entered into a drawing. The prize: a new iPad Mini! We were happy to draw the name of Pamela Miller of Shell Lake, Wisconsin. Not only did she win the iPad Mini, but she also lost 9.2% of her body weight.
"At the beginning of the program I weighed 240 lbs. At the end of the program I weighed 218. I was very satisfied with all aspects of the program! I learned to eat better, I wasn't "hungry" between meals, I had more energy, I am confident I can continue to lose weight, the meal replacement shake tasted good (I like vanilla as opposed to chocolate) and I feel I can effectively encourage others to try the program! People are asking me how I lost weight!" - Pam Miller

Pilot Group Top 3 Success Stories

#1: Polly Scott. Total Weight Loss: 13.75%.  
“Through this program I have discovered that I can be in control of how I eat. For so long, I have been unsuccessful with dieting because cravings derailed me...with the SLMsmart products, I no longer have cravings and I have been able to lose the weight. I love the products, especially the shake in the morning and have learned so much about myself in this process. I have gained confidence in other areas of my life and am so much happier. It has been great to be 25 lbs less, but I'm not done! I am continuing on the program and will send you updates on my progress if you are interested. I really love this program and can't say enough about how awesome I think it is." - Polly Scott
#2: Colleen Davis. Total Weight Loss: 12.12%.
"My goal is to stick to the plan-- keep losing. The Satiety Drink [Crave Control] is great. I don't even feel hungry." - Colleen Davis
#3 (tie): Gary Grandy. Total Weight Loss: 9.91% (30 lbs.)
"I feel good. I'm still reducing my body weight. This has turned into a lifestyle for me." - Gary Grandy
#3 (tie): John Pulley. Total Weight Loss: 9.91% (32.5 lbs.)
"My overall testimony of the SLMsmart program is that it rocks. I am under 300 for the first time in at least ten years and I am going to keep it off this time. I am still working on losing more, my ultimate goal is to be 225. I know with the things I am learning from this program I will be able to accomplish that goal and the crazy thing is I won't have to starve myself to do it. By the way I am now at 291.5 so total of 36.5 pounds and five and a half inches off my waist and four and a quarter off of my stomach. I LOVE SLMSMART!" - John Pulley
Synergy WorldWide would like to thank all those who participated in this Pilot Group. We are excited for the results you've experienced so far, and we look forward to seeing you continue to slim, lose and maintain. Congrats to our winners and keep up the good work!



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