June Recognition

Synergy WorldWide offers a sincere "congratulations" to the following Team Members throughout North America. Thank you for your efforts, accomplishments and example. We look forward to seeing your success continue throughout 2013 and beyond.

June 2013 Rank Advancements

Brett Wertz

Bill Womach
Barton and Sheila Lund

Dr. Oscar Delariva
Ron Olson
Scott Healey
Don Paul Bearnson

See the complete June 2013 Rank Advancement list>>

June Top 50 Challenge Winners 
The top 10 point earners of the month

  1. David Johnston & Tommy Bethards
  2. Ed Wertz
  3. Mylo Berstad
  4. Steve & Roxanne Seely
  5. Natalie Johnston
  6. Scott Healey
  7. Sandra Kerner
  8. Cliff & Janice Rosang
  9. Lee & Crystal Edwards
  10. Cynthia J. Wiggins
June 2013 Top Recruiters
Team Members with the most personally sponsored Team Members

Mylo Berstad
Cliff & Janice Rosang
Scott Healey
Donald G. Schultz

David Johnston & Tommy Bethards
Ed Wertz
Natalie Johnston
Steve & Roxanne Seely
Sandra L. Kerner
Joy Matwyshen
Jim Turner
John Thuet
Lee & Crystal Edwards
Levi Troyer

June 2013 Top Team Builders 
Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

North America
Ed Wertz
Mylo Berstad
Richard Matwyshen
Eric Glenn
Roger Hunt
John Grieser

June 2013 Top Elite Title Plus Earners 
Congratulations to these individuals for achieving their first time highest rank for the 3rd month. They have each earned a total of three months of extra cash on the Synergy Elite Track!

Team Manager - $4,900
Lee Edwards

Team Leader - $3,500
Josh Hewlett
Dr. Bruce Lewandowski

Silver - $1,750 
Roger Hunt
Heath Johnston

Bronze - $700
Paul T. McGarry
Willa F. Holgate
Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer
Fred Girbert
Dr. Mark Warta
Bill Womach

Are you taking advantage of this extra bonus? Synergy paid out over $37,000 in the month of May alone. Get Elite qualified and put some extra cash in your pocket!



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