March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. As we work to build up our health and nutrition as well as our body’s ability to fight intruding viruses, it is important that we consume essential vitamins and minerals. Our diets often don’t provide all the nutrients we need so we have to supplement with powerful products such as Synergy’s Germanium Plus.

Germanium is a mineral found in the soil and in many healing herbs and foods such as Aloe Vera, garlic, mushroom, and ginseng. Among its many benefits, Germanium is known to
• initiate healthy oxygen flow in the body’s tissues,
• increase the body’s own endorphins,
• enhance the body’s natural resistance to viruses,
• promote energy and stamina, and
• aid the body in detoxifying heavy metals.

Synergy’s Germanium Plus is an essential immune support supplement that offers you the many benefits of this powerful mineral in an easily consumable capsule form. During the month of March, you take advantage of Germanium’s amazing benefits through a special offer: anyone on Autoship Elite (USA and Canada) can purchase Germanium Plus at a greatly discounted price of only $40 (10 CV).* The regular price of Germanium Plus is $75, so this is a $35 savings!

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Germanium and to stock up on this great product. Call Customer Service today at 801-431-7660 to order.

SU70456 Germanium Plus $40 (10 CV)

*This offer is available above and beyond autoship orders during the month of March or while supplies last.



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