Tips on Living a Nutritious Lifestyle

March is National Nutrition Month so let’s celebrate by taking steps toward a more healthy lifestyle. Living healthily is about making small changes that can have a big affect. The process to better health doesn’t have to be dramatic or intimidating: simply take more steps throughout the day or really take the stairs like you promised yourself you would, eat out one less meal a week, and have an extra glass of water.

Here are a few tips to make healthy changes to your daily routine:

Seek out ways to move your body: turn off the t.v., walk more, pace while you talk on the phone, do some chores, take the long way to the mail box.

Eat better: add fruits to your cereal and salad and veggies to your sandwich or pizza; eat more orange and dark green vegetables; switch to low-fat foods whenever there is an option; make half your grains whole; choose lean protein; read the labels on foods and look for foods low in saturated fats and trans fats.

Consider this: If you eat 100 more calories a day than you burn, you’ll gain about 1 pound in a month. That’s about 12 pounds in a year. The bottom line is that to lose weight and stay healthy, it’s important to reduce calories and increase physical activity.

The food and physical activity choices you make today will affect your health and how you feel today and in the future.



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