Stewart’s Executive Message

Team Members,

Last week, most of the country took a leap forward in time. With the advance of the clock, we gave up an hour in exchange for longer days. At Synergy, we are springing forward not just the hours of the day but also our business and sales. But unlike the time change where we are robbed of an hour, we don’t lose anything in the leap. We are only gaining light each day, growing bigger and brighter as a company.

Despite the fact that February is the shortest month of the year, we saw volume increases in the double digits! Our volume is up over 20% from February of 2009. This short month brought the highest number of activations of new Team Members than we’ve had in over three years! How’s that for leaping forward. We are in the middle of an exciting season and our growth will continue to lengthen with the spring and summer days. Already our volume in March is up more than 15% from February’s high numbers and we will probably double the volume and more than triple activations from March 2009.

During the month of February, we had an inspiring Regional Event in Grand Junction, CO, where Dr. Joe, Dianne Leavitt, and Dan Higginson presented to an enthusiastic crowd. We launched Dan Higginson’s Founder’s Training program, announced the 2011 Legacy Retreat to Maui, and introduced a new activation promotion in Canada. This month we are gearing up to our Recognition Evening in April. This will be a spectacular event for everyone! Please register and prepare to attend; I promise it will be worth your while.

This is a time of energized activity and momentum. Jim Collins illustrates our experience with the flywheel concept in his book Good to Great. Jim explains, “Picture a huge, heavy flywheel. It’s a massive, metal disk mounted horizontally on an axle. It’s about 100 feet in diameter, 10 feet thick, and it weighs about 25 tons. That flywheel is your company. Your job is to get that flywheel to move as fast as possible, because momentum—mass times velocity—is what will generate superior economic results over time.”

At the start, “the flywheel is at a standstill. To get it moving, you make a tremendous effort. You push with all your might, and finally you get the flywheel to inch forward. After two or three days of sustained effort, you get the flywheel to complete one entire turn. You keep pushing, and the flywheel begins to move a bit faster. It takes a lot of work, but at last the flywheel makes a second rotation. You keep pushing steadily. It makes three turns, four turns, five, six. With each turn, it moves faster, and then—at some point, you can’t say exactly when—you break through. The momentum of the heavy wheel kicks in your favor. It spins faster and faster, with its own weight propelling it. You aren’t pushing any harder, but the flywheel is accelerating, its momentum building, its speed increasing.”

This gradual building and moving is what makes Synergy so strong. It is not overnight success that builds momentum or a sure foundation. There is not one moment when the light turns on and the instantaneous growth occurs. Rather it is a gradual process. We are pushing, working, and turning, and eventually the effort builds on its own and can take over. It is proven success through continual accomplishments, accountability, and credibility. That is what Synergy is doing.

Jim continues: “Why does the Flywheel Effect work? Because more than anything else, real people in real companies want to be part of a winning team. They want to contribute to producing real results. They want to feel the excitement and the satisfaction of being part of something that just flat-out works. When people begin to feel the magic of momentum—when they begin to see tangible results and can feel the flywheel start to build speed—that’s when they line up, throw their shoulders to the wheel, and push. And that’s how change really happens.

“If I were running a company today,” Jim says, “I would have one priority above all others: to acquire as many of the best people as I could. … My flywheel is going to start to turn. And the single biggest constraint on the success of my organization is the ability to get and to hang on to enough of the right people.”

One of Synergy’s greatest strengths is that we have formed a team of the best people. As our momentum builds, more and more new leaders are emerging and are joining our team, accelerating our spinning flywheel. During the month of February we saw new top leaders take their place among Synergy’s elite. Gerri Fox and Marty Holker each hit the rank of Team Manager. This is not an easy feat and Marty qualified in less than 75 days in the business.

We celebrated a new Pearl Executive team, John and Karen Hewlett. The husband/wife duo reached this rank by truly becoming products of the product—they educate everyone on the benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus and teach others how to make money by sharing the product. John is constantly hitting the road and the airports so that he can be face to face with his group. He understands that there is no substitution for in person contact, and it is this principle in practice that has helped John build such a solid team. John and Karen are excellent examples of selfless leadership—they understand that it takes an entire team to succeed and they put their focus outward.

These new leaders are among many hard working Team Members who hit new PIN levels during the month of February. Congratulations to each of our rank advancements!


John & Karen Hewlett


Zion Ventures LP


Deborah A Kraut
Linda Kindred
Living Without Disease Inc


Elaine M Teune
Randy Ash
Percheron Priority Carriers Inc.


Alexus Johnston
Dylan Johnston
Help Partnership
Brian Kerbs
Susan R. Weeks
Bess Weber
Seven Seals LP
Miriam Sedgwick
Toni W. Holt


Flat Mountain Marketing LLC
Arthur Ray Deere
Asset Managemnet and Leasing
Healing Hearts Institute
Matthew R Weeks
Rolando Rodriguez
Deborah Toschi
Dan Gwynn
Marlene Elsmore


No More Cardio Vascular Disease
100 K Team Inc
Jim Downey
Como Investments
Frogley Chiropractic of Utah
Angelo S. and Arlene Cici
Kathryn Page
Bill Milton
Mika Tozer
Anthony Taylor
True Esthetics
Red 2 Black Financial LLC
Dave Gibb
Robert Hilke Jr
James Judkins
John Ballou
Living Balance Studios LLC
Leverage Investments
Heide Boyd
Linda Goldthwaite
Shellrich Management, LLC
R Wilson
Rob Yundt
Hyland Enterprises
Solett Smith

Thank you for helping make February one of our best months yet. We make a great team and we will continue to push this company to greater momentum and success. Keep springing forward and we will see you in April at the Recognition Event!

All the best,

Stewart Rutter
Vice-President of Sales



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