Good News for Canada

The Canada website is up and running! You now have access to pertinent information specific to your market as well as access to exclusive products packs.

Along with the website launch, we are rolling out three brand new product packs designed to provide you with greater options for your Autoship and product purchases.

ProArgi-9 Plus and Mistica are two of our most popular products so we are now offering combination packs* for you to enjoy. Each of these packs contains one canister ProArgi-9 Plus and one bottle of Mistica for 80CV. This fulfills your standard Autoship requirement and offers you a significant discount as you purchase the products in a pack. Call Customer Service at 801-431-7660 to order your Canada Cardio pack today.

SU 75849 Canada Cardio Pack (Mixed Berry ProArgi-9 Plus) – $95, 80CV
SU 75850 Canada Cardio Pack (Citrus Berry ProArgi-9 Plus) – $95, 80CV
SU 75851 Canada Cardio Pack (Single Serving ProArgi-9 Plus) – $95, 80CV

*These packs are only available for our Team Members in Canada.



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