Friday Fun Read: What is success in MLM and network marketing really all about?

What is success in MLM and network marketing really all about? Is it all about making money, or starting a home business of our own?

“…one human being caring about the goals and successes of another…”

What about building enough extra income to take care of a new car note, or perhaps a full-time income that lets you quit your job when you want? Is this what success in network marketing and MLM is all about?

Consider a few of the components that go into building a successful MLM business:

* a strong, stable, and reputable company

* quality products with value and appeal that make people come back for more

* an organized, well thought out system for success that even total newcomers to MLM
can follow

* prospecting tools, leads, and more leads

All of these things are vital to developing a profitable business and building a well-equipped downline team.

However, when it comes down to it, what is success in MLM really all about? (I say this repeatedly because it can’t be repeated often enough)

It’s all about building long-term relationships with your downline team, and your customers. That’s the most important thing. If you build friendships and loyalty, you’ll be rewarded with motivated team members who will stick with you and not be easily distracted to other home business opportunities.

Think about how you manage your business now. Do you make it a point to communicate regularly with people in your downline? When I say “communicate” I mean more than an occasional broadcast email or newsletter that goes to everyone. I mean a personal phone call, or at least a personal email.

“It’s all about building long-term relationships with your…team and customers.”

I still remember a network marketing opportunity I joined several years ago. This was one of the most highly rated online business opportunities at the time. I signed up and immediately got a canned email via autoresponder, with my sponsor’s name as the sender. Over the next month I got several more automated emails from this sponsor.

However, despite the fact that I showed strong interest and in fact advanced a couple of notches in the marketing plan, I never got a personal call or email from this guy or anyone else upline. Not long after that, a unique opportunity came along and it was a no brainer – nobody in my upline seemed to care, so I chose to become involved with a different network marketing business. I have remained with that opportunity to this day.

I guess the best way to put it is this – all the great products, tools, leads, and endless potential in the world is not worth much in MLM and network marketing unless you focus on building the relationships and supporting your team and customers in a personal way. Not just autoresponders and occasional email broadcasts, but a true relationship. One human being caring about the goals and success of another and helping them do something about it.

“…focus on building the relationships…in a personal way.”

(Article by: Network Marketing Now; June 3, 2009)



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