Legacy Retreat 2011 - Maui, Hawaii

There’s no adequate description of Synergy’s first Legacy Retreat. Words just can’t capture the excitement, adventure, beauty, and camaraderie that were shared by those who experienced the retreat in Costa Rica.

The good news is, you will not have to rely on second-hand descriptions and post-trip pictures to feel a part of the adventure. You can experience the special treatment for yourself at the 2011 Legacy Retreat!

The second annual Legacy Retreat will take Synergy’s top leaders to the island of Maui. This tropical playground is known for its natural beauty, small town charm, and opportunity for adventure and is the perfect destination in which to spoil our hard-working Team Members.

New qualification requirements make it even easier for you to join in the fun. Get started right away and you can soon find yourself relaxing to the laid-back pace of the islanders.

Here’s how it works:
First time qualifiers must earn 10 Legacy Retreat points by December 31, 2010. You can earn up to three points per month. Complete all of the following in one month to earn one point:
• Be on active Autoship
• Be paid as Team Director*
• Personally sponsor two (paid as) Team Leaders or above

*You can earn two points in one month by completing all of the above and by being paid as Team Elite during that month. You can earn three points in one month by completing all of the above and by being paid as Pearl Executive or above during that month.

Remember, points roll over from year to year, so you may have already earned some points toward the 2011 retreat.

For those who have already attended a Legacy Retreat, you have the opportunity to re-qualify for Maui.** Legacy Retreat Alumni Qualifications may be met one of three ways:
• Achieve the Pearl Executive rank for the first time;
• Earn any new rank advancement above Pearl;
• OR maintain your highest pin title at or above Pearl for 3 out of 12 months.

The qualification period will be from January 1 to December 31 to attend the Legacy Retreat the following year.

**These re-qualification requirements are only valid for Legacy Retreat alumni. Team Members must still meet the original qualifications to earn their first Legacy Retreat trip.



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