Synergy Announces Dan Higginson’s Founder’s Training

Hello everyone,

As you know, Synergy is celebrating ten years in business. We now have a presence in over 20 countries and have hundreds of thousands of distributors worldwide. We have the most powerful life-changing products that money can buy and one of the best comp plans in the industry. I am proud and pleased how far we have come, but we are not finished.

As founder and CEO of Synergy WorldWide, I have been approached over the years by no less than 10 different companies trying to sell me on the idea of making their training available to our distributors. Most of you know that my background is in personal development and small business training with the Covey group, so you can imagine I was very particular in reviewing what these companies made available to us. Sadly, no one had anything that was worthy of our Synergy family, until now. For just over a year I have been working closely with a company called Point Productivity trying to get the type of training I was willing to share with you. I am excited and very pleased to announce that for the first time we will launch just such a training program. Dan Higginson’s Founders Training is a complete entrepreneurial success system that will be available to all of our Synergy family beginning today, February 23, 2010. This is a step-by- step personal and business development system that will change the way we grow as a company and as a family.

I have experienced first-hand just how powerful training can be if it is done in the right way. I wanted a success system that would address the needs of all of our Synergy business owners and I am very happy to tell you that I have found such a success system. Point Productivity is one of the country’s premier network marketing consulting companies. Together we have developed a step-by-step testing and training program blended into a success system that will help everyone, regardless of your level of success in Synergy. It will help everyone take their business to a new level and will assist us in becoming a billion dollar company.

At Synergy we have the best products on the planet, and now we have the best success system to match. We have taken the most exciting and unique aspects of network marketing—personal development, a home-based business, and motivational training—to custom-design a program for Synergy WorldWide.

I am so excited to be able to offer this training to all of our serious distributors that I have put my name on it. It is called the Dan Higginson’s Founder’s Training. It will change the way you grow your business, so don’t wait another second. Get started today. Check it out at

Dan Higginson
CEO Founder
Synergy WorldWide



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