Stewart's Executive Message

Team Members,

There is no better way to begin this month’s message than by simply saying Wow! What a phenomenal start to the new year. We’re carrying over the momentum of 2009, which was a fantastic year of growth and opportunity for Synergy WorldWide. Already in 2010 we are accelerating the pace and proving that we will continue to get better, making 2010 a signature year that will leave its mark on history. We are blowing away previous figures and nothing is slowing us down. January volume was up more that 25% over January 2009. Enrollments were up more than 300% over January 2009, clocking in at the highest month in more than three years!

In addition to seeing extraordinary numbers and quantifiable increase, January opened the doors for a new era of Synergy. Our exponential growth required us to upgrade our headquarters and greatly expand our space. We now have a Synergy branded building to call home that represents the grandeur of this company. Despite the fact that our new presentation room is over twice the size of the one in our last building, we have already filled it to capacity with eager Team Members excited to be a part of Synergy events. During our Grand Opening, the meeting was standing room only and overflowing. Leaders from Japan, Korea, Scandinavia, Singapore, Germany, and Indonesia flew in to be a part of this historic event and all attending Team Members helped make the Grand Opening a tremendous success.

Those in attendance at the Grand Opening were the first to hear about our new Executive Car Bonus that offers luxury cars to advancing leaders. The Car Bonus is in addition to the lucrative Title Plus Promotion that was also launched in January. Take time to learn about these promotions and apply them to your business. They can bring you incredible rewards and inspire you to truly transform your Synergy world.

January’s excitement isn’t limited to a new corporate headquarters, an international event, and motivating promotions. Throughout the month we held great meetings in Arizona, St. George, Utah, Colorado, California, and Nevada. Team members have established Synergy strongholds in these areas, among other cities worldwide, and we were excited to venture out and witness a fundamental element of Synergy—Team Members sharing and building.

A key stop in our meeting circuit was the High Desert Health Institute in Victorville, CA where we joined with renowned cardiovascular specialist Dr. Siva Arunasalam, MD. Dr. Siva gave an impressive presentation on his clinical study of ProArgi-9 Plus. The results of the study were overwhelming and many of his patients now live better lives due to Dr. Siva’s use of ProArgi-9 Plus in his institute. We are honored to be a contributor to the positive life changes that are happening there.

On top of all of this, January witnessed our inaugural Legacy Retreat to Costa Rica. This was the trip of a lifetime! I had the privilege of spending a week with our international leaders and getting to know them on a more personal level. They are inspiring individuals who will continue to lead and take this company to greater heights. In Costa Rica, we explored rainforests, experienced breathtaking vistas, and enjoyed great company. It was an unbelievable trip that I will never forget. At the close of this retreat, we look forward to next year’s adventure in Hawaii. Find out how you can qualify, and set your sights on being a part of that experience. I would absolutely love to see you there.

As I mentioned, we introduced some exciting new promotions this year. Many Team Members are already reaping the rewards of the Title Plus Promotion and heading toward qualification for the Car Bonus and next year’s retreat. Congratulations to these Team Members for their tremendous achievements in January:

Brian Holt
Janice Marie Smith


Zion Ventures LP
James French


Linda Kindred
Living Without Disease Inc.
Sherry Burns

Deborah Kraut
Randy Ash
Alia Vanzhov

Clifford Sorensen
Miriam Sedgwick
5 Star Health
Ellen Juka
SGB International LLC
Michael Boyd
Toni Holt
Kaelynn Rae Smestad
Kristi Ross
Bess Weber
Seven Seals LP
Jeffery Ackley


Barbara Estomin
Kelli Venuti
Saskatchewan Ltd.
Chad Ekin
William & Yvonne Grimes
Robert Smith
Nancy Panattoni
Marlene Elsmore
Susan Weeks
Dr. Donald Woods
Margaret Baldock
Angela Fern Penna
Joanne Croteau
Leatha O’Dell
Yong Franklin
Douglas Garff
Healing Hearts Institute
Help Partnership
Matthew Weeks
Diana Lucas
Brian Kerbs

As I said at the start, the only way to describe January is WOW! And this is just the beginning. 2010 will be a year unlike any other. Get ready and prepare yourself and your business for accelerated growth. Hold on to your seats because its happening and it will continue faster than ever!

All the best,

Stewart Rutter
Vice-President of Sales



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