Grand Opening was a wonderful success!

As promised, Synergy’s Grand Opening was a spectacular event! Team Members came from Europe, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and from across the United States to be a part of this historic event, and they will tell you it was worth the trip.

After tours of the new building and the Nature’s Sunshine facility, the official ceremony began. Pleasant Grove City Mayor Bruce Call and Synergy President Dan Norman spoke about the tremendous growth that Synergy has experienced in the midst of a turbulent economy. Mayor Call mentioned what a great asset Synergy is to the community and to the world. Dan recognized that our growth is due to the efforts of Team Members throughout the world.

The ribbon was cut by the Executives and the Mayor, and we are officially here! After the exciting ceremony, the attendees were treated to a phenomenal presentation by Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast, Dan Higginson, and world wide leaders. The presentations were given to a packed house! So much so, that many people had to stand or listen from the hall.

grand-opening4The night ended with delightful Synergy cookies, Italian Crème Sodas, lots of Synergy Store shopping, and plenty of socializing. Friendships were formed and rekindled, and everyone left with a greater excitement and understanding of the sheer greatness of this company.



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