Synergy Regional Event - Grand Junction, CO

Monday, February 14, 2011

On March 11 - 12, you're invited to attend the Second Annual Regional Health Conference in Grand Junction, CO.

If you're in the area or can make the trip to attend, this will be a weekend you won't want to miss. Here are the details:

Friday, March 11
2:00-3:00 PM: Early conference registration (info table, name tags, door prize tickets)
3:00-5:00 PM: Cardiovascular Heart Health - Seminar by Dr. Robert Heasty, M.D. and Janice Heasty, R.N.
6:00-9:00 PM: The Product: ProArgi-9 Plus - Dr. Joseph Prendergast, M.D. ; Dianne Leavitt; Steve Seely

Saturday, March 12
8:00-8:30 AM: Early conference registration
8:30-11:30 AM: Health Care Professionals Forum with Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast, M.D.
(for medical professionals only--space is limited--pre-register by calling 970-433-8085)
8:30-11:30 AM: Distributor Training
8:30-10:00 AM: Training with Corporate Execs
10:00-11:30 AM: Building a Successful Business - Q&A with Rudy Pedroza, Dianne Leavitt, Steve Seely, Roxanne Seely, Brian Holt
11:30-1:00 PM: Lunch (on your own)
1:00-3:00 PM: Public open meeting - interviews, Q&A with Dr. Prendergast
3:00-4:00 PM: The Future is Bright

Cardio Pulsewave technicians will be available from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Saturday, March 12 ($20 for a CPWA)

Clarion Inn Hotel
755 Horizon Drive
Grand Junction, CO

Hotel Rooms
$69 special room rate at the Clarion Inn - call 970-243-6790 and mention “Synergy”
$52 Affordable Inns Motel (one mile from conference-same street): call 970-243-6050 and mention “Synergy”.

For more information, call Rene'e and Jim Creasey at 970-433-8084, 970-433-8085, or SEATING CANNOT BE RESERVED.

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  1. If there is any way you can get here in time for the "Cardiovascular Heart Health" presentation on Friday at 3:00 pm, DO!!! You are in for a fantastic and enormously important and informative presentation. This is a DO NOT MISS opportunity!! Janice Heasty, RN (33+ years as a cardiac care nurse) and her husband, Dr. Robert Heasty(Interventional Radiologist) are amazingly knowledgeable and absolutely wonderful people. You will leave this presentation in awe of the amount and value of the information provided. Hope to see you there.