December 2012 Title Plus Earners

The 2012 Title Plus has officially come to an end, but not before many of you had a chance to earn significant cash rewards, iPads, free product, and much more! 

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With December being the final month, we ask that you join with us in congratulating those Team Members who pushed hard to build their business and qualify for Title Plus payout:

Team Leader - $500 Cash
Ed & Sandra Kerner
Anna Bergman
DAAG Investments

Gold - 2013 Leadership Academy in Park City, Utah*
Daniel Driedger

Silver - Apple iPad*
Allie Turley
Carol Williams
Roxanna Madsen

Bronze - Registration & Hotel (2 nights) to Synergy Gold Camp & Open House*
Cynthia Mendoza

Star - $75 Synergy Product Pack*
Sandra Vincent
Dr. Mark De Dubovay
Joyce Kuruliak
Bob & Mary Berns
David Munoz
Thelma Luchau
Michele Kralkay
John Kalua
Levi Troyer

*Team Members achieved this title and maintained it for a second month (does not need to be consecutive) during the promotion period to qualify for the designated reward.



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