Is Your State Healthy?

The United Health Foundation recently released the 2012 results of their annual "America's Health Ranking"study. The study looks at the overall health of each state and ranks them according to a variety of gathered statistics.

The study shows Vermont at the top of the  list of "healthiest states overall," with Hawaii coming in at second place. Mississippi and Louisiana are tied for 49th and rank last. 

You can also view the rankings of each state according to specific statistics. For example:

  • Colorado and Utah are ranked #1 and #2 for physical activity.
  • Massachusetts is first place in blood cholesterol checks.
  • Colorado is the least obese state.
  • Hawaii has fewer preventable hospitalizations than the other 49 states.
The lists go on and on, and they are each incredibly interesting. To view where your state ranks according to any given statistic, visit the official America's Health Rankings website.

Synergy WorldWide is happy to manufacture products to help any state rise up in the rankings. Our products promote a healthy and active lifestyle, enhance cardiovascular output, and stimulate the immune system for anyone in any state. 

Remember, the best way to help your state grow healthier is to start with yourself. The next step: Spread the love! An epidemic of healthy Americans just may start with you. 



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