They're Here! Grape ProArgi-9+ Single Serves

The wait is over. Grape has joined the Single Serving Party, ready to mix into the water nearest you. 

Single Serve Packets are convenient. They’re easy to share and to pack in your pocket. For years, only Mixed Berry and Citrus Berry ProArgi-9+ have been available in Single Serve Packets, while patient, devoted Grape fans have only scooped and stirred.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Grape Single Serve Packets at a special price. Through January 31, you can enjoy two boxes of Grape Single Serve ProArgi-9+ Packets for the price of one. That’s two for $75 (50 CV).

Many of found that one of the greatest advantages of Single Serving Packets is that they are easy to share. Often we find friends that would like to sample ProArgi9+, taste the flavors and feel the healthy effects. Opportunities to share with these friends sometimes arise when we are on the go, far from the canister left in the kitchen. Having a few Single Serving Packets on hand provides the solution, as one can easily go from your pocket to their water bottle.

The benefits haven’t changed: Synergy’s Grape ProArgi9+, in any package, offers the purest ingredients to relax your blood vessels, increase healthy blood flow and support your immune system.

Grape has always been delicious. Now it’s convenient too.

Order online or Call Customer Service at (801) 769-7800 to place your order! 

Note: You will find this promotion online under the Cardio Health category > Grape Stick Packs. 



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