2013 Elite Track Promotion Webinar

In anticipation of a record-breaking 2013, Synergy proudly presents its newest promotion: The Synergy Elite Track. Featuring substantial cash bonuses, the Elite Track is centered on the business building activities that will drive Team Members to new levels of success and income.

Join us tomorrow for our live Webinar as Howard Hannemann, Synergy’s Director of Sales, explains how to maximize your earnings on the Elite Track.
  • Date: Thursday, January 24, 2013
  • Time:  7:00 PM, MST.
  • To Register for this free webinar click here.
Howard plans to expound on all the exciting details of the Elite Track promotion, including:

  • How to easily DOUBLE the traditional Fast Start Bonus.
  • How to earn up to $13,950 for Rank Advancement and Rank Maintenance.
  • How to qualify for these many Elite Track Bonuses. Spoiler: It’s really easy to do. Simply being signed up for Elite Autoship every month (150 CV US/ 100 CV Canada) unlocks the potential to earn thousands more in additional payout for 2013.

Register now and tune in tomorrow night for the whole scoop. Also, feel free to visit Synergy’s new Elite Track webpage anytime for more information.



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