January 2013 Executive Message

Though we’re a few days into 2013, I still feel the excitement of last year’s accomplishments. It was a phenomenal year for Synergy WorldWide and we have many reasons to celebrate.

From rank advancements to the amount of lives changed, this year was truly a record breaking year. You, our Team Members, are the reason for this incredible growth. I thank you for your passion, your dedication, and above all, how you represent Synergy in your part of the world.

In addition, we witnessed the rise of two Double Presidential Executives in Korea, Han Tae Hwang and Yoon Tae Hwang; and three new Presidential Executives, Young Ok Park of Korea, Scott Brumfield of North America, and Europe’s second-ever Presidential Executive, Mads Østvang of Norway. These tremendous achievements were accompanied by thousands of other rank advancements across all 25 of our international markets.

As great as 2012 was, I sincerely believe that 2013 will be even better.  This year we will introduce new products, promotions, and incentives to continue our momentum and increase our growth. Furthermore, we should all be focused on the Korea Global Summit in September. I have no doubt that it will be a life changing event for the company and field.

I want to wish all of our Synergy Team Members a happy New Year, and a prosperous 2013.


Dan Norman
President, Synergy Worldwide



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