Giving a Compliant Product Testimonial

Synergy's Care to Share campaign encourages Team Members, customers, and corporate employees alike to share how their lives have been impacted as a result of Synergy WorldWide.

When sharing product-based testimonials, here's a few guidelines to keep in mind. Adhering to such guidelines will help us remain complaint and eliminate the need to remove content from our Facebook page.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) monitors claims in advertising, including print, broadcast ads, catalogs, internet marketing, and any other media. All parties involved have an obligation to make sure claims are presented truthfully.

Testimonials that are product based cannot include definitive statements relating to a nutritional product diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing any disease. Testimonials shared through any sort of advertising medium (print, video, internet) cannot include verbiage relating to any disease.

Example 1: Non-Compliant
ProArgi-9+ is an amazing product. For the past 12 months I have had a high blood pressure problem which has resulted in me taking blood pressure medications. After one month of taking ProArgi-9+ my high blood pressure has normalized to 115/75 and I have now stopped taking my medications.

  • Explanation: The above testimony is non-compliant because it states that PA9+ was the direct cause for curing the individual’s high blood pressure/hypertension. The person also states that PA9+ was the cause for getting o ff the high blood pressure medication. Such a statement would cause a reader, listener, or viewer to assume similar results are to be expected.

Example 2: Compliant
ProArgi-9+ is an amazing product. Over the last year I have had many cardiovascular health concerns. Within months of taking ProArgi-9+, both me and my doctor have noticed significant improvements in my circulation and overall cardiovascular health that have helped me tremendously. I’m grateful for this product and I love sharing it with everyone I know.

  • Explanation: The above testimony is compliant because it does not make mention of any speci c disease. Rather, it talks about cardiovascular health concerns and how the use of the product has enhanced circulation and overall cardiovascular health. This was noticed by the individual as well as his/her doctor.

Use compliant-friendly words:
Enhance, Promote, Play an important role in, Help, Maintain

Avoid compliant not-so-friendly words:
Cure, Treat, Prevent, Reverse, Prove



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