Share to Win

Throughout the month of February, as part of the Care to Share campaign, Synergy WorldWide will be giving away iPads, iPods, Synergy product, Synergy swag, and of course -- the highly coveted Care to Share t-shirt.

How to Win

It's simple. Be active on Synergy's Facebook page.

Care to Share is all about sharing how Synergy is impacting your life. What are you doing differently today because of Synergy? Whether it's taking your daily dose of PA9+, heading to the gym for an early morning workout, or talking to people around you about the opportunity - we want Synergy's Facebook page buzzing with stories, experiences, and activity.

How often can I win?

There is no limit to how many times you can win. We will be announcing winners and doing drawings nearly every day throughout the month. From random winners to organized competitions - we'll make the Care to Share month of February fun for everyone!

Go to Synergy's Facebook page and share your story today!

Don't have a Facebook account? Click here to go to Synergy Essentials, click on Social Media, and watch a step-by-step Facebook tutorial on how to get started.



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