Care to Share: Phil Hickman

"My name is Phil Hickman and I Care to Share.

At the age of 58 I was faced with two significant events that greatly impacted my cardiovascular health. Grateful to be alive, my doctors warned me that I would never run, swim or play basketball ever again - my heart "could not support the physical exertion," they said.

Over the course of the next 8 years, I slowly put their warning to the test. My love for physical activity and the need to improve my cardiovascular health was now a huge priority. I had tried multiple supplements, hoping to find a natural support for my heart as I began exercising. Regardless of the many supplements I tried, I never seemed to notice any real difference.

As the years progressed, I slowly incorporated running, biking, and swimming into my workouts - but only on an individual basis, never trying to do more than one activity in a single day or week - at least until I was introduced to ProArgi-9+.

Three months ago Lorin Leavitt told me about ProArgi-9+. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I immediately tried the product.

Last year I was able to complete a 32.5 mile bike ride, which was a huge accomplishment. However, my goal for this year was to hit 40 miles. The first day I took ProArgi-9+ was amazing! I felt so good that I thought I'd try a mini sprint triathlon. That day I completed a 500 meter swim, 3 mile run, and 15 mile bike ride. I was amazed at how good I felt!

In fact, two days later, I decided to try another bike ride - this time instead of riding 32.5 - I completed the 40 miles! Two days following my bike ride I completed a second mini sprint triathlon, swimming 1000 meters, running 2 miles, and biking 11 miles! I honestly couldn't believe my energy levels and how my body recovered after these workouts.

If that wasn't enough, three days after my second mini sprint triathlon, I decided to hop on my bike again. However, this time I didn't ride 40 miles - instead I rode 50!

I can honestly say that ProArgi-9+ has done amazing things for my health. My heart has never felt better and I'm doing things that I, nor my doctors, would have ever thought possible eight years ago.

My new goal for 2012 has now been increased to a 60 mile bike ride! I'll definitely keep you posted!"

- Phil Hickman, USA



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