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Before I dive into my testimony, ask yourself this question, “How much is my life really worth?” When you look into the eyes of your children, ask yourself, “Am I going to be around when they get married or graduate?” I know these aren’t really questions that are important to most people – but when the time comes (and my time has come), you will ask yourself, “Have I really done much to care for the people that I love most? It is said that when a man loses his money – he loses a little, when he loses his home – he’s lost a little more, but when he loses his health he has lost EVERYTHING!

Aloha, my name is Willie Kahaialii, aka Willie K. With this product testimonial I want to say that I will put 1000% of my career on the line to have anybody prove me wrong!

For the past three solid years, I have been living with chronic pain in my joints. As an entertainer you have to be on your best performance at all times. During this time I was not a pleasant person to talk to. I was always grumpy or very uncomfortable with people, never giving them the time of day. I didn’t respect my place of work or give it my all in each of my stage performances. I constantly walked with a cane and sometimes had to walk with a pair of crutches. Imagine living like this and touring around the world where you have no one to help or comfort you.

I, like many others in similar situations, was looking for a remedy of any kind that did not require a doctor’s prescription. I searched the internet and stumbled on a few options. I tried them; hoping they’d provide some relief, however, they only cushioned the situation, rather than helping remedy the actual problem. I have tried the top brands both in and out of network marketing, but they have all failed. Little by little I found myself staying away from network marketing companies, finding my credit bills were piling up – along with my health deteriorating due to the stress.

A few years ago I started a festival here in Hawaii and was using a particular product – hoping to relieve the severe join pain I suffered – but it didn’t work, as I was forced to continue relying on my cane to walk. Come 2011, for the next festival, the emergency medical team for my martial arts tournament approached me and asked if I had heard about ProArgi-9+? Of course I said no. He told me that he had given some to my brother and wondered why no one had called me about it. He proceeded to tell my how this product had helped his energy level went through the roof and that he had even lost weight. Now, if you’re asking, “Was I questioning the sales pitch?” you bet I was! But what caught my attention was that he also mentioned the product enhanced the cardiovascular system by improving circulation through the arteries. With that, my bat ears stood up and he caught my full attention.

I was sold and wanted to know more. So I gave him my personal email and later he provided me with a website where I could go learn more about this product, the science behind it, information on the Nobel Prize, and video testimonies of people who used the product, ALL WHO WERE LOCAL ISLANDER PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF! I said ok, I have to at least try this one more time. I later made the call, which was the best thing I have ever done for myself – the greatest phone call in the world.

The first week of trying ProArgi-9+, I started getting up from bed early. The day after that first week, I ended up landscaping my entire yard! My energy level was like a space shuttle, I had to go somewhere, do something! I’m an artist, so I started creating songs, coming up with new ideas for my business, making phone calls to anyone that needed help with anything. My aloha level went 150% above normal. At the end of every performance people would say, “You are the greatest, happiest entertainer we’ve ever seen.” My lifestyle changed quickly – I used to smoke, but now I have no desire to light up. Even drinking coffee was an obsession and now I’ve eliminated that, I mean why would I need coffee? ProArgi-9+ already gives me the wake up call I need!

Six weeks ago I weighed 345 pounds. Now I’m down to 320lbs (change of diet has also contributed to this). I’m training again. I remember three years ago I tried to train, only to find myself bed-ridden for a week because of the severe joint pain. I was only benching 135lbs and couldn’t do that without any pain inflicted the next day. Now, within six weeks, I’m benching 195lbs, I dead lift 300lbs, and curl 75lbs!!! I’m not saying this product gave me super powers, it just gave me the soul cleansing that I needed to get back to what I use to do when I was 18 years old!

I’m 51 years old and am the happiest individual in the world! People watch me run upstairs, doing 2 hour shows and not being tired at the end of the evening. A lot of miracles are happening to me and I’m just getting started. Believe me when I say this, there is always room to change your life – as long as you have faith within yourself – the choice is yours.

With warmest Aloha,
Willie K



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