Synergy's Autoship 100 Program

Synergy WorldWide is pleased to introduce its new Autoship 100 program, a 90-day promotion designed to save you money and help grow your business.

The new Autoship 100 program, effective February 1, features aggressive pricing on select Autoship 100 packs, and all Team Members who create an Autoship order can now qualify for all commissions, except Elite Rebate, with just 100 CV.

Autoship 100 will provide stability to your growing business as you teach, train, and educate your Team Members on the importance of Autoship and how it allows you to monitor the health of your organization.

Click here to see the Autoship 100 packs that are available in the United States and in Canada.

Call Customer Service at (801) 431-7660, click here to signup through Synergy Pulse, or Fax in your completed registration form to (801) 443-3279 and signup for Autoship 100 today!

February Autoship 100 Contest

Take part in the Autoship 100 contest for a chance to win a January Kick-Start Promotion product pack and to be entered to win an Apple iPad 2!

For the month of February, the top five Team Members from Canada and the top five from the United States, with the most personally sponsored Team Members on Autoship, will automatically receive a Kick-Start product pack and be entered to win an Apple iPad 2 - one for each market!

For additional Autoship 100 details, please read the FAQs listed below. If you have any further questions, please contact Customer Service at (801) 431-7660.

Autoship 100 FAQs

Q: Can I activate with an Autoship 100 pack?

A: Absolutely! However, remember, activation still requires 150 CV for 1 tracking center or 300 CV for 3 tracking centers. You will need to make sure to order additional product or additional packs to satisfy those activation requirements.

Q: How do I sign up for Autoship 100?

A: There are three ways to signup for Autoship 100.

1. Go to Synergy Pulse, click on the Autoship icon and follow the prompts for Autoship 100.

2. Click here to download the Autoship 100 form, complete the requested information, and fax the form to Customer Service at (801) 443-3279.

3. Call Customer Service at (801) 431-7660 and ask a customer service agent to help you sign up for the program.

Q: Can I order Autoship 100 packs as regular spot orders?

A: No, the Autoship packs are only available for your Autoship order or for initial/activation orders.

Example: Team Member Sue likes to call in her Autoship order each month. She does not want to have an active Autoship template (an automatic monthly order that processes and ships) and would rather just call in her order when she needs the product. In this example, Sue cannot order an Autoship 100 pack.

Q: Assuming I have an active Autoship template, can I order additional Autoship 100 packs throughout the month?

A: No, Autoship 100 packs can only be ordered in conjunction with your Autoship order for that month.

Q: Other than pricing, are their any additional benefits to being on Autoship?

A: Yes! Autoship not only saves you money, but it's convenient, it helps ensure you have product on hand each month and it guarantees your qualification for residual income with Synergy's Mega-Match Compensation Plan.

100 CV vs 120 CV: In the United States, 120 CV was the required amount needed to qualify for commissions. Now, signup for Autoship, and you can qualify for all commissions, except Elite Rebate, with just 100 CV!

Convenience: You will receive an automatic monthly order at a great discounted price without having to take the time to call in and place the order yourself.

Product Availability: Autoship allows you to have a consistent supply of product, which thus limits the possibility of running out each month.

Residual Income: Your participation in the Autoship 100 program will guarantee your monthly qualification for residual income through Synergy's Compensation Plan by eliminating the risk of forgetting to place your monthly qualification order.



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